RCPT Minors

There are four minors offered by the Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism, including: Esports Services, Outdoor Recreation and Leadership, Recreation, Parks and Tourism, and Tourism and Special Events.

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Esports Services (L, 15 Credits)

The minor in esports services focuses on play, community, team-building, inclusion, marketing, and event planning. Offered jointly with the English and Marketing Departments, this minor will prepare students for careers in this burgeoning field. Courses include those dedicated to the esports ecosystem, game design, and marketing. Depending on personal interests, students are able to choose a supportive elective such as writing, leadership, or special events. This minor fulfills the L area of the REAL Curriculum. 

Outdoor Recreation and Leadership Minor (18 Credits)

The minor in Outdoor Recreation and Leadership (OURL) consists of courses to develop the student’s outdoor leadership skills in areas such as adventure-based programming, wilderness first aid, natural and cultural interpretation, and challenge course programming. Students majoring in a variety of disciplines will find this minor an excellent way to develop leadership skills for a variety of outdoor related careers. Students have the option to choose between one of two tracks based on consultation with the OURL academic advisor. No perquisites are required; however, enrollment is limited each year based on available space. The minor is open to all students with an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher. To enroll in the minor you must first apply and be accepted into the program.  Application process and form

Recreation, Parks and Tourism Minor (A, 15 Credits)

The minor in Recreation, Parks and Tourism seeks to academically engage students through diverse learning opportunities with an emphasis on experiential learning. This approach specifically targets the development of professional competencies in the areas of: (1) foundational knowledge, (2) program leadership, (3) administrative and management functions, and (4) professional skills and behavior. Emphasis is placed on developing the students’ critical thinking skills as the foundation for competency development. This minor fulfills the A area of the REAL Curriculum. 

Tourism and Special Events Minor (15 Credits)

The minor in Tourism and Special Events aims to provide students with “real world” practice and theory within the discipline. Students will be armed with tools to succeed in the field, understand current theories, and be exposed to professionals to formulate relationships with practitioners that can lead to internships and job placements. Courses such as Sustainable Tourism, Tourism Marketing and Promotion, and Experiential Tourism and Events provide opportunities to learn about emerging trends, while courses such as Commercial Recreation, Special Events, and Professional Advancement in Tourism provide opportunities to draw from related fields of business and marketing while targeting learning to the application of tourism. There are diverse career opportunities in this area. Students are given flexibility to choose 4 of the required 5 classes that comprise the minor, offering opportunities for them to tailor their experience to ultimate goals. The minor is open to all students with an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher.