The College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences Advising is now a part of the Highlander Success Center.  The HSC is located in Young Hall; and is open from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.  

At Radford University, academic advisors in the Highlander Success Center (HSC) work together to provide comprehensive services to all students with fewer than 56 credit hours, undeclared students, first-year transfer students, and students who have been readmitted and are initially in poor academic standing.  The HSC academic advisor is listed as the student’s primary advisor in Starfish. Students may connect directly with their assigned HSC academic advisor to make an appointment via Starfish.

All new students with the following majors will be assigned a faculty advisor:

  • English
  • Foreign Languages and Literatures 
  • History and Social Science 
  • Interdisciplinary Studies - Liberal Arts
  • Philosophy and Religious Studies 
  • Political Science 
  • Sociology

Students can look up their faculty advisor in their Starfish network and should feel free to email or stop by during their faculty advisor’s office hours.