New Student Advising

When you first enroll at Radford University, you typically register for classes through Quest.

Registration for the next few semesters takes place through the Highlander Success Center.

Once you reach 45 hours you will need to have a faculty member from the School of Communication assigned as your academic advisor. Before you meet with your advisor, you will need to check your academic progress by logging into ONE CAMPUS. It is generally a good idea to bring a copy of this “audit” of your progress to all your advising appointments.

Each semester you will need to meet with your adviser to plan your semester's courses and receive your registration "PIN" number. You should also discuss a plan for graduation, even if it is a year or two away, and your thoughts about launching your communication career.

Each major or minor concentration in the School of Communication has its own sequence of required courses, based on the "catalog year" in which you began the program. You may elect to use the course catalog for the year you came to Radford, or you may elect a more recent year.

There are four areas to consider when you plan a course schedule:

  • Major & Concentration (36 - 42 credit hours)
  • REAL: Reasoning. Expression. Analysis. Learning.
  • Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts requirements (6-12 credit hours).
    • For communication students, a B.A. requires 12 hours of foreign language (or less for advanced students) while the B.S. requires six to eight hours of science or social science courses.
  • Electives, minor, second major

Total credit hours: 120