Placement Credits

You can receive Radford University foreign language credits for studying a language in high school without taking the AP or CLEP tests. 

Students who have taken a foreign language in high school and who begin their college level study of that language on the second year or above (above the first nine hours in Spanish) will receive an additional six semester hours of elementary language credit in that same language if the following conditions are met:

a.      The student’s first two college courses in that language are completed at Radford University and are on the second year level or above (above the first nine hours in Spanish).

b.     A GPA of 2.4 or better is received for those two courses.

Students already receiving AP credit for a foreign language are ineligible to receive this additional credit in that same language.


Stop by the Administrative Assistants office, Hemphill Hall 4113, to pick up the form. Or you may email for further assistance.