The Political Science curriculum at Radford University will give you a broad background in the field while allowing you the ability to specialize in your particular area of interest.  The major and minor requirements are designed to develop your critical thinking, information literacy, written and oral communication, citizenship, ethics, problem solving, diversity fluency, and ability to collaborate. 

We help you build those skills through the study of law and government.  The Political Science curriculum at Radford University studies those areas from the local to the global perspective.  Political Science also fits within the REAL Curriculum in all of its aspects.  Courses with the R designation will analyze data to understand international conflict, or voting behavior.  Courses with the A designation will explore the diverse cultures of the world and how to live inclusively in that world.  Courses with the E designation will examine political philosophical and ethical thought throughout history and today.  Courses with the L designation will allow you to apply what you learn into real-world scenarios. 

Students can choose two degree paths as a major.  The primary difference between the two degree choices is focus: the Bachelor of Science degree is great for students who are quantitatively minded and want to use data and analytics in the future.  The Bachelor of Arts is more qualitative, with requirements for foreign language classes and philosophy.  

Political Science majors take classes that are up-to-the-minute current and explore all of the important areas in our discipline.  Want to explore all of your class options in Political Science?  Explore the full list here

Not only are the class subjects exciting, but in the classes you get an immersive experience with personal support from mentor professors.  That close connection is reflected in two strategies our faculty use in their teaching.  Read more about high impact practice and undergraduate research in Radford Political Science classes: