Political Science Major

Political Science involves the study of politics and government. The political science curriculum at Radford is intended to provide undergraduates with a background in the discipline within the context of a liberal education. The major and minor requirements in political science are intended to develop students' analytical and communication skills as well as a knowledge of politics, the public policy process, and government institutions. By stressing ethical thinking, an understanding of diversity and global issues, creative problem solving, critical reading and thinking, information literacy, and oral and written communication skills, the program provides excellent preparation for graduate and professional studies and a variety of careers.

If you are looking for a degree that gives you the versatility of a wide range of careers, you should think Political Science.  More than just law and government, politics is in every part of our lives.  Whether you want to go into law, politics, private industry. government employment, consulting, or social activism, majoring in Political Science gives you the tools you need to pursue your goals no matter what they are.  

REAL and Political Science

Political Science satisfies the "A" and "L" designations in Radford's REAL Curriculum. Learn all the details about how Political Science fits in with the REAL Curriculum


Choose Your Path

The Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A.) is for students who are interested in international studies, foreign service, diplomacy, and political thought.  Bachelor of Arts students take a foreign language as part of their studies.  

The Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.)  is for students interested in working with data.  For researchers, campaigners, and analysts, the B.S. is the best choice.  B.S. students have a statistics requirement as part of their major.