Poli Sci Days

Every Fall, we get to celebrate all of the exciting things going on in Political Science and that our students are doing.  Our department’s showcase is Political Science Days, which has been going on since 2015.  Professors share their research and connect it to real-world events, like previews of upcoming elections and deep dives into international controversies.  Successful alumni in law, diplomacy, campaigns, political staffing, lobbying, and local government come to Radford to share their experiences and give current students connections for internships and their own career paths.  Our partners in the Career Center give workshops on improving your resume, searching for internships, and the best way to present yourself for the career you want.  So many good things are going on in Radford’s Political Science Department we wanted an opportunity to celebrate them all.  Come celebrate with us at the next Political Science Days!

Check out the Poli Sci Days flyer.