The Work Place (Consulting Services)

The Work Place

The Work Place is a university recognized center whose mission is to support the development and applied experiences of I/O psychology students. In addition to the physical space, this center acts as a centralized consulting hub for the program's applied experiences.

The Work Place, located in Hemphill Hall 4022, offers a physical location dedicated to the I/O psychology program. Offering a large working space, the Work Place is where I/O faculty and students can conduct seminars, hold working meetings, host virtual and in person speakers, and meet with and present to clients. It is outfitted with the latest technology and gives I/O students a place to call their own.

Student Consulting Experiences & Consulting Services

Students gain experience in their I/O coursework by working with a variety of clients to solve their organizational problems. Every student will get an opportunity to play a role in several projects throughout their time in graduate school and these experiences have proven critical in helping students attain employment. These projects are collaborative in nature and allow students to experiment with different roles in the consulting process.

These projects provide opportunites for all of our students while also providing value to the organizations we work with. All of our students come out of the program with numerous consulting experiences. We do not subscribe to a competitive model where students compete to work on applied projects. It is our belief that this hinders the teamwork necessary in a training program and can foster a culture that is antithetical to ours. Instead, every student will work on parts of every project. The faculty work to vary the roles of the students through their time at Radford, allowing students to speak to a wide variety of experiences when interviewing for jobs.

Some examples of work we do include:

  • Job/work analysis and job description updating
  • Design, implement, and evaluate  training programs
  • Design, interpret, and report organizational culture, engagement, and morale surveys
  • Development job-specific performance management systems
  • Consult on personnel selection and validation best practices
  • Recruitment and retention planning
  • Organizational development and change management projects

Benefits to organizations we consult with

  • Tailored solutions to organizational needs. Our faculty work with clients and train our students to truly understand our clients' needs, rather than providing a one-size-fits-all approach
  • Professional quality work at a fraction of the cost of a full-time consultant**
  • Completion of important organizational projects that have not had the time or trained personnel to complete
  • Written reports and/or presentations that can be disseminated as the organization sees fit
  • Qualified and experienced faculty to support students as they tackle important projects for your organization

**We offer our services pro-bono to non-profit organizations that we work with. When working with for-profit organizations, we offer organization's the opportunity to donate to our endowment fund, that goes to support student activities. This donation is not mandatory.


A list of recent organizations and types of projects will be forthcoming, pending client permission.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Training

One example of a project is a free, easy to use training on diversity, equity, and inclusion. This training includes powerpoints, recorded videos, facilitator notes, and assessments. 

This training is free to use by any organization that is looking for resources around diversity, equity, and inclusion issues and can be found here