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Questions About the Program

Questions about Radford and the Surrounding Community

About Applying

How do I apply to your program?

You can download an application form, or request an application by mail.  All application materials must be received by February 15th , but it is advised that your application be in by February 1st.  

I meet the minimum standards for your program. What are the chances that I will be accepted?

Although we get many qualified applicants each year, we have relatively few positions to fill. Simply meeting the minimum standards (PDF) will not guarantee admission. We typically get about 70 applicants and have only 15 openings each year.

What if I don't score well on the GRE? Will my GPA and related experience make up for it?

Although we take all of an applicant's credentials into account when making admissions decisions, the GRE is very influential. If you do not score well on standardized tests, we recommend preparing for the GRE as early as possible. There are several GRE prep courses available, and many books that may help improve you score. For more information, visit

*Note: We are suspending the use of GRE scores for Fall 2022 admission

Do you take junior/senior GPA into account?

Yes, we have found that junior/senior GPA is a better indicator of graduate performance than overall GPA.

Do you require the GRE subject test for admission?


Do you recommend any classes that might help my chances of being accepted?

It is generally helpful to have background in psychology (you must have at least 18 credit hours of undergraduate psychology courses). We recommend at least one statistics and research course, as well as an
introductory Industrial/Organizational Psychology course.

How can I find out about the status of my application?

To see if your materials are complete, contact Candice Edmonds in the graduate office.

How long does it generally take for students to be notified of the admissions decision?

Students should be notified at the beginning of April if they have been accepted or have been put on our waiting list.

About the Program

Can I work toward my degree on a part-time status?

No.  A full time course load is 9 credit hours (3 classes) per semester and all students are required to attend the program on a full time basis.

Can I take night classes?

Most of the classes required for the program are held between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

How long will it take me to complete the program?

It should not take longer than 2 years to complete the program.

Is your program more applied or research oriented?

We believe we can best serve our students and the community (i.e., local industry) by taking an applied orientation, however, students also learn the rationale behind the techniques in scientific psychology. Thus, students are prepared to enter industry or pursue advanced graduate study.

Are students encouraged to participate in research?

Psychology through both independent research, as well as in collaboration with faculty members. Radford students have presented more papers at the national I/O student conference (IOOB) than any other program in the nation!

Will I be required to hold an internship prior to graduation?

Yes. Those are usually done in the summer between the first and second year, and many are paid.

Can you tell me about the relative atmosphere of the program?

We believe that one of the strengths of our program is the general atmosphere surrounding it. Students and faculty of the I/O program are all on a first name basis with each other, which provides those in the program a feeling of colleagues working together rather than professors teaching pupils. It is not uncommon for students and faculty to get together outside of the classroom for social gatherings or recreational activities. In addition, students are welcome to contact faculty members at home and during non-office hours. Students also enjoy a non-competitive atmosphere among their fellow classmates. Study groups are common, as well as group projects. Overall, our I/O program can be described as friendly and laid-back.

What kinds of student funding are available?

Student funding can be found in the form of grants, scholarships, loans, and assistantships. To apply, one must complete the FAFSA as early in the year as possible. Specific information can be found at the RU Financial Aid office. Assistantships are available both in the psychology department and in departments throughout the campus.  Assistantships amounts range from $4000 to $8700. Tuition waivers are not included in most assistantships.

Does everyone receive funding?

Assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis. The number of assistantships available will vary slightly each year.

About Radford and the Surrounding Community

Is there on-campus housing available for graduate students?

Yes. Graduate students can live in the residence halls.

I prefer to live off campus. Is there off-campus housing close to the university? Is housing affordable?

There are numerous off-campus housing opportunities ranging fromapartment complexes to private apartment rentals.  Most students livewithin a few miles from campus, and many need only walk a short  distance to get  to their classes.  

Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and other online sites may point to other off-campus housing locations.

We also encourage you to reach out to current graduate students regarding housing - they will likely have the best tips!

What is there to do in Radford?

Radford is located "in the heart of the New River Valley" and at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. When in Radford, one has the  luxury of relaxing in the comfort of a small town setting, enjoying a peaceful hike in  nearby mountains, experiencing breathtaking views of cascading water, and embodying a rush of exhilaration while paddling though the white rapids of the New River. If you prefer the nightlife, options abound in either local establishments or clubs and bars in  neighboring towns such as Blacksburg, Christiansburg, and Roanoke.  View more information about Radford.