Our lab provides Radford students and local researchers with the resources they need to conduct collaborative research with a faculty mentor or complete innovative classroom assignments across a broad range of social media data collection platforms. Members of our staff are available throughout the week to provide one-on-one consultation for how students can strengthen challenging research assignments, honors projects, and theses.

If you are interested in becoming a researcher consider enrolling in the Digital Communications and Research Analytics Minor.

SMART Lab Research Hub

The lab provides students with D2L access to an array of video training tutorials and resources on topics that include:

  •  Interpreting and getting what you need out of academic research articles
  • Using APA format
  • Writing literature reviews
  • Designing research questions and hypotheses
  • Using various research methods such as content analysis, surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviews
  • Using Qualtrics for Survey Design
  • Navigating through the IRB protocol submission process
  • Using SPSS to conduct basic statistical analyses such as frequencies, chi squares, correlations, and regressions
  • Conducting semantic network analysis with NodeXL.