African American Studies Minor

GPA Requirements

              A student must have a 2.0 GPA within the minor.

African American Studies Minor (21 Semester Hours)


              AAST 200 – Introduction to African American Studies (new) (3)
              AAST 400 – Select Topics in African American Studies (new) (3)
              AAST 490 – Seminar in African American Studies (new) (3)

and two courses from the following (6):  Social and Behavioral Sciences

              APST 300           Diversity in Appalachia
              POSC 233          Law in America
              POSC 339          Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties
              POSC 440          Law and Social Change
              SOCY 250          Social Inequality
              SOCY 331          Race and Ethnic Relations
              SOCY 342          Racial Disparities in Health Care
              SOCY 360          Sociological Theory
              SOCY 430          Social Movements
              SOCY 495          Topical Seminar in Sociology*
              SOCY 499          Sociology Internship*

and two courses from the following (6):  Arts and Humanities

              ENGL 112          Critical Reading and Writing in the Digital Age*
              ENGL 203          Readings in American Literature
              ENGL 340          American Literary History       
              ENGL 449          African American Literature
              HIST 330            African American History to 1865
              HIST 331            African American History from 1865
              HIST 354            American Social History I
              HIST 355            American Social History II
              HIST 364            American Slavery
              HIST 365            America’s Civil War
              HIST 372            Southern History and Culture
              HIST 400            Digital Archives*
              MUSC 123           The Art of Jazz
              PHIL 111              Introduction: Knowledge, Reality, and the Human Condition*
              PHIL 290            Select Issues in Philosophy*
              RELN 290          Select Issues in Religious Studies*
              RELN 420          Topics in Religious Studies*

*When topically appropriate and with permission from the instructor