Five biology majors dominate Winesett Library Research Awards

This April, five biology majors took home half of the prestigious Winesett library research awards that were selected from across the university. The Winesett Awards for Library Research “recognize creative and original library research completed by Radford University undergraduate students. The projects and essays by winners and finalists are published in this online journal.” Prize money for the award is supported by the Winesett Endowment. Winners are selected among the lower division (freshmen and sophomores) and upper division (juniors and seniors). Winners are awarded $800 and finalists receive $100. Collectively, our students took home $1900 is library awards.

All award winners submitted publications derived from Dr. Powers’ BIOL 232 (Organismal Biology) course, in which students spend a semester researching an animal of their choice and publishing information on their natural history. These accounts are co-published on the Animal Diversity Web.

Winners this year included:

  • Luc White (Upper Division, winner) – for research on Euglandina rosea, rosy wolfsnail
  • Sierra Felty (Upper Division, finalist)Reithrodontomys fulvescens, eastern harvest mouse
  • Ashanti White (Lower Division, winner) - Carassius auratus, goldfish
  • Daphne Sturniolo (Lower Division, finalist) - Pandalus borealis, northern shrimp
  • Tessa Harmon (Lower Division, finalist)Podomys floridanus, Florida mouse

The link to student papers is here:

Apr 27, 2022
Karen Powers