Administrative Staff

Executive Director and Curator
George Stephenson, CPG

Art Director
Mr. John O'Connor, Department of Art

Director of Education
Dr. Tricia Easterling, School of Teacher Education and Leadership

Student Staff

Brigette Miller – Museum Student Manager
Elise Brown – Assistant Museum Student Manager
Nathan Amick - Workshop Manager

Staff Volunteers
Melanie Fox

Student Volunteers
Andrew Clark
Emily Cyrus
Tim Dooley
Mary Drury
Samantha Farmer
Sarah Garza
Lara Hogrefe
Kat Hunt
Sara Morgan
Rob Nash
Himani Pantha
Sophia Rasiak

Dr. Steve Lenhart has retired after many years of outstanding service to the Museum.  He is available for consultation.

Contributing Faculty, Staff and Students

Drs. Cliff and Dona Boyd
Forensic Science Institute

Dr. Rhett Herman
Department of Physics

Dr. Cassady Urista
Department of Anthropological Sciences


Community Volunteers

Mr. Phillip R. Sturgill, Radford, VA - Gemological Consultant