About the College


The College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) prides itself on the combination of artistic and academic excellence across all of the arts disciplines. As a comprehensive arts institution, the CVPA contains the major art forms within its five disciplines: the Department of Art, the Department of Dance, the Department of Design, the Department of Music, the Department of Theatre and Cinema and the RU Art Museum System.

Most importantly, students can enjoy ready access to all of the arts leading to an experience in which the student’s major is complemented by exposure to a wonderfully diverse artistic environment. Students in all of the CVPA programs work closely with accomplished and renowned faculty who serve as outstanding mentors and professional role models.

Instruction combines traditional forms and approaches with the latest in technology applications to best prepare all of our students for the challenges and expectations that await them in their careers as artists, designers, scholars, educators, therapists, and arts-related business persons.

The College of Visual and Performing Arts also presents an outstanding calendar of events on an annual basis that provides the campus and community with a rich, vibrant variety of plays, exhibits, dance performances, design and fashion shows, concerts as well as outreach activities in our geographic area.

The work of the students, faculty, and guest artists combine to make our college the artistic and cultural center of this region of the Commonwealth and beyond.

A perusal of the accompanying home pages of all of the CVPA programs as well as our annual calendar will provide a sense of this rich variety. We invite you to visit us, attend our wide array of performing and exhibiting events throughout each year, and see for yourself why the arts at Radford University are exciting, enlightening and enriching!

Faculty Present a Look at the CVPA