Arts Society

Founded over 30 years ago, the Arts Society’s mission is to support creativity, award winning talent, performances, community outreach, and student scholarship. Supporters do so by generously donating their time, money and partnership to the College of Visual and Performing Arts.

Because of the Arts Society, the College of Visual and Performing Arts continues to provide over 100 scholarships for young artists each year. In addition to scholarship support, our donors help student artists participate in college touring ensembles, study abroad opportunities, international conferences and guest artist residencies.

Join Radford University's Arts Society

Your gift of any amount to any department, program or initiative within the College of Visual and Performing Arts earns you recognition in our Arts Society, including access to performance and exhibit announcements, invitations to special events, and opportunities to meet the artists.

Make your gift today to join the Radford University Arts Society, our most loyal group of supporters!

For more information on the Arts Society, please contact University Advancement at 540-831-5407.

$1 - $99  =  Friends.  $100 - $249  = Supporters.  $250 - $499  = Associate Circle.  $500 - $999  =  Celebrity Circle.  $1,000 - $2,499  = Bronze Circle.  $2,500 - $4,999  = Silverman Circle.  $5,000+  = Golden Circle

Golden Circle

Mrs. Kathryn Applegate  '85
Dr. Andrew S. Arbury III
President Bret Danilowicz and First Lady Kay Danilowicz
Mr. William C. Davis and Mrs. Sandra C. Davis
Ms. Sharron Grau Doss '65
P. Buckley Moss Galleries
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen K. Ramsey
Ms. Jennifer F. Spoon
Ward and Diane Zumsteg

Silverman Circle

Ms. Jo Ann Brittain
Mr. Mark Stephen Curran '82 and Mrs. Jacqueline M. Curran
The Presser Foundation
Dr. Joseph P. Scartelli and Mrs. Fran Di Maggio Scartelli '84
Dr. Maurice W. Stewart and Dr. Anna Lee Stewart

Bronze Circle

Ms. Lisa Umberger Arundale '79
Mr. Timothy Barrow and Mrs. Paige Valentine Barrow '66
Dr. Stephanie B. Caulder
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Channell
Dr. Holly L. Cline and Mr. Sid Miller
Mr. Philip E. Cline*
Community Foundation of NRV
Ms. Margaret T. Devaney
Dr. Richard Harshberger and Ms. Kathleen Harvey Harshberger '80
Ms. Leslie E. Hawes '06
Mr. Gary Israel
Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Lefko
Mr. and Mrs. Ted S. McKosky, Jr.
Dr. David J. Moore
Ms. Andjelka Saban
Dr. Joseph Falkinham III and Mrs. Georgia Anne Snyder-Falkinham
Dr. John L. H. Tamminen III '79 and Mrs. Kimberly Tamminen
Mr. Anthony Testa and Mrs. Christine Anne Testa '93

Celebrity Circle

Mr. William H. Bondurant and Ms. Deborah Bondurant
Mr. John Hargrove Bowles
Mr. Curtis Charles Brown '02
Ms. Karen Branscome Casteele '79
Ms. Pamela A. Crewey
Prof. Richard E. Dunham III
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Wayne Gallops
Mrs. Linda W. Kline
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Nicely
Mr. Robert L. Nicholson III
Dr. Marilyn Meador
Mr. Andrew W. Ross
Mr. Coleman D. Ross and Mrs. Carol Ross*
The LoMascolo Family
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Trent
Mr. Thomas Nicholas Troisi and Mrs. Jacqueline Bahre Troisi '78
The Honorable Robert Turk and Mrs. Laura Beitz Turk BA '87, MS '90
Mr. Dan Wilson and Mrs. Madeline Jackson Wilson '72
Ms. Catherine Ann Zickafoose '80

Associate Circle

Dr. H. Pat Artis and Mrs. Nancy E. Artis '73
John and Ann Marie Cox
Mr. Mark E. Curtis '93
Mr. Ted E. Dalton and Mrs. Callie Moore Dalton '82
Mr. Shelbert Garland Daniels '99 and Mrs. Susan Daniels
Dr. Joan I. Dickinson
Dr. Farrell D. Doss
Mr. David Duncan and Mrs. Edith-Anne Pendergraft Duncan
Floyd Community Center for the Arts, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. C. William Hickam, Jr.
Ms. Kay G. Johnson
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Johnson
Ms. Jo Ann Kiernan
Ms. Margaret Konkel
Mr. Lawrence Laramay and Mrs. Karen Lackey Laramay '78
Dr. Ned Lester* and Dr. Rosalyn M. Lester
Mr. Robert G. Lineburg
Mr. Edward McCann and Mrs. Katharine Stevens McCann '99
Dr. Kathy S. Mitchell and Mr. Jim Mitchell
Mr. Gerard P. Mullane and Mrs. Brenda Winfrey Mullane '78
Dr. Bruce Parsons
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Semones
Ms. Caroline Bennett Simmons '05
Mr. Ken Smith and Ms. Leslie King
Dr. Diane Mar Spresser '65
Mr. Robert E. St. John and Mrs. Mary Farias St. John '81
Ms. Lou A. R. Thompson
Mrs. Barbara Z. Tuck '02
Mr. Dean G. Vincent and Mrs. Kim Joyner Vincent '80
Ms. Monica M. Weinzapfel
Mr. Wesley A. Young


Dr. David L. Albig and Dr. Pegeen Albig
Dr. Liz Altieri and Mr.  H. Wilson Rankin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Andrew Archer
Dr. David R. Beach
Blacksburg Regional Art Association
Ms. Lisa Powers Caldwell '81
Ms. Margaret G. Carneal
Dr. Corey Cassidy
Mrs. Palma Moyer Clark BS '73, MS '77 and Mr. J. Frank Clark
Mr. Melvin L. Crowder and Mrs. Rebecca Byrum Crowder '76
Ms. Patricia Louise DeLoatche '82
Mrs. Julia Johnson Demler '60
Dr. Betty Dore 
Mr. Ralph B. Doud and Mrs. Virginia Cook Doud BS '75, MS '80
Garrett's and Meg's
Dr. Marcella J. Griggs '84
Mr. James T. Harman '92
Ms. Susan Marie Hodnett '84
Ms. Molly E. Hood
Mr. Raymond David Horton '90 and Mrs. Sandy Horton
Dr. and Mrs. R. Graham Hoskins
Mr. Ralph Randall Johnson '79 and Mrs. Mary C. Johnson '83
Mrs. Betty Morris Johnson '76
Dr. Myrl G. Jones and Mrs. Lorene Jones
Ms. Nitza Kats
Mr. Richard Keegan and Mrs. Patricia Sehorne Keegan '76
Ms. Laura C. Kimball
Mr. and Mrs. Sean J. Kotz
Mr. Al Kraft and Mrs. Cynthia Forbes Kraft '80
Ms. Rachael A. Lang '09
Mr. Tom Lillard '79 and Mrs. Kathy Lillard '79
Ms. Valencia Fisher Lomax
Mr. Albert Mah '85 and Mrs. Rhonda Counts Mah '87
Ms. Katherine M. McCarthy
Ms. Elizabeth Mears
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick K. Moore
Dr. Kathy K. Mullet
Dr. George D. Parish and Mrs. Jimmie Brownson Parish '78
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Polley, Jr.
Ms. Gabrielle L. Proctor '19
Mr. Matthew Provance '11
Mr. Stuart T. Robinson
Dr. Tammy R. Robinson
Ms. Nancy Lou Robison BS '68, MS '74
Ms. Jeraldine Rogers
Ms. Roberta Schaff Ross '69
Dr. Robert R. Sheehy and Dr. Kathleen S. Brennan '14
Ms. Jeanette Marie Sizer ‘02
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Smith
Dr. Martin Francis Smith '75
Dr. Heather Leigh Stark '95
Dr. Charlie William Steele BA '75, MA '77 and Mrs. Patricia S. Black Steele
Ms. Kathleen Marie Sullivan
Ms. Julie A. Temple
Mr. James Daniel Whitlow '06
Mr. Jim Trask and Ms. Shelley Trask
Mr. Eli Tuchler
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Turner, Jr.
Mr. Steve Vail and Mrs. Ellen Feussner Vail '73
Mr. Seaton VanderWoude and Mrs. Emily Wise VanderWoude '06
Mr. and Mrs. L. Garrett Weddle
Mr. Robert H. Williams
Mr. James D. Worley and Mrs. Linda Moon Worley '64


Ms. Linda E. Aloisio '90
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Askins '14
Miss Karen Michelle Austin '07
Dr. Mary Barksdale
Mr. William Scott Baugh '96 and Mrs. Laurie Baugh
Mr. Joseph Lee Blackwell, Jr. BFA '04, MFA '08
Mr. Raymond A. Booth and Mrs. Dirie M. Booth '69
Mr. Christopher D. Bradbury '12 and Mrs. Sarah B. Bradbury M.S. '20
Mrs. Diohn Brancaleoni
Mr. Zachary M. Brodie '13
Mr. John Sabean and Mrs. Cindy Lee Brooms '04
Master Annamarie E. Buchanan
Mr. Michael P. Cain
Ms. Jennifer Phillips Carpenter '05
Ms. Ruth B. Cline
Dr. Rebecca R. Cockrum
Mr. John S. Collier and Mrs. Bonnie Baldwin Collier '66
Mr. Mark Conboy and Mrs. Debbie Ewing Conboy '82
Mrs. Sharon Elaine Cordero '71
Mr. Eric Cowan
Ms. Jennifer Cox
Mr. Kevin Deck
Prof. Meaghan Dee
Mr. Dylan P. Deluca
Mr. Frederick Jeffrey Green and Mrs. Janice Dicus-Green '83
Ms. Katherine S. Dove
Mr. Matthew Joshua Dowdy
Ms. Elizabeth Anne Dreher '14
Mr. Darin Ely and Dr. Wendy Ely
Mr. Douglas Wayne Fender BS '83, MS '85 and Mrs. Donna Kay Fender BS '82, MS '87
Ms. Aileen Fletcher
Ms. Deborah Freed
Ms. Emily Elizabeth Freudenberg '20
Mr. Matt Gentry
Mr. Joel G. Gibbs '18
Ms. Lucy Grace Gilmore
Ms. Diane P. Goff
Mrs. Pamela Goff
Ms. Ling Jie Gu '21
Mr. Bryan Halsey and Mrs. Sandra Carol Conner Halsey '82
Dr. Eugenie Hamilton
Mr. Samuel M. Harbin '23
Mr. John Gary Harmon '89
Ms. Rebecca Harris
Mr. Harry Hatter and Mrs. Kay Ellison Hatter '62
Dr. Katherine W. Hawkins
Ms. Anna Crane Henderson '14
Mr. Donald Hicks and Mrs. Celeste Harrison Hicks '82
Mr. Bruce Hill and Mrs. Denice Scott Hill '74
Ms. Ashleigh Hillen
Ms. Linda Hinson
Ms. Therese Hoover
Mr. Thomas Edward Huber and Mrs. Peggy Sue Huber BS '79, MS '86, MS'95
Ms. Cynthia Louise Jones BS '69, MS '73
Mr. Steven Kenny
Mr. Louis T. Kent and Mrs. Nancy Vance Kent BS '63, MS '82
Mr. James H. Knipe
Ms. Rebecca Jane Konschak '84
Mr. Daniel J. Kuehl
Mr. David Lane and Mrs. Deanne Elizabeth Lane '85
Ms. Savannah McBride Leeman '16
Ms. Alexandra E. Leonetti '22
Mr. Charlie Lewis and Mrs. Ann Marie Lewis '83
Ms. Isabella R. Linkous
Dr. Robert J. Lockwood and Mrs. Susan W. Lockwood '97
Ms. Gina Gael Louthian-Stanley '07
Dr. Punam Madhok
Ms. Jasmine Maple
Mr. Thomas L. Marchi and Mrs. Susan Strickler Marchi '70
Ms. Lori McMahon
Ms. Sarah Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Montgomery
Mrs. Aparna Nair
Mr. Richard A. Normand
Mrs. Martha Olson
Ms. Savannah K. Penven '20
Mr. Terry A. Phillips and Ms. Connie A. Phillips '02
Mr. Nathan Charles Popp '14 
Ms. Jessica Rea ’19
Mr. Thomas Reisinger
Ms. Robi Sallee
Mrs. Deborah A. Samsky'75
Dr. Rebecca K. Scheckler
Ms. Fiona E. Scruggs '19
Ms. LaDonna Sepers
Mr. Zachary L. Singo '22
Mrs. Susan Emeline Sink '74, M.S. '78
Ms. Lauren R. Slough '20
Mrs. Rebecca Steele
Ms. Lois Stephens
Mr. Robert Sulkin
Mrs. Joanna Sunshine
Prof. Donald Sunshine
Mrs. Karin Tauber
Dr. Susan P. Trageser
Ms. Susan Trulove
Mr. Mick Turk and Mrs. Barbara Cook Turk '87
Mr. Robert Andrew Underwood and Mrs. Peggy Mattox Underwood '88
Prof. Daniel E. Van Tassell
Ms. Emma R. Vest '20
Dr. Craig Waggaman and Mrs. Linda Waggaman '90
Mrs. Michele R. Walter
Mr. Jimmy D. Webster
Mr. Jay C. Westerfield '79 and Mrs. Deborah Carol Westerfield
Dr. and Mrs. John B. White
Mr. William White and Mrs. Cheryl Dianne White '96
Miss Anna Whitted
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Yadlowsky
Ms. Cheng Fen Yeh MS '99, MFA '09
Mrs. Lynn Hodges Zichy '87