Student Profiles


Carrie-Lynne Wolford

Hi, I’m Carrie Lynne Wolford! I have a bachelor’s degree in Human Development from Virginia Tech, and I am currently a graduate student in the Counselor Education program here at Radford University with a concentration in professional school counseling. I could not be more excited! Radford’s Counselor education program has challenged me greatly, and I know that my classes and professors are helping to shape me into the best counselor that I can be. Radford University is a wonderful option for any student, and I would have no issue recommending it to anyone looking for an exceptional professional degree experience!



Amber Samuels

My name is Amber Samuels and I am a second-year graduate student in Radford University's Counselor Education Department. I am currently a Master of Science candidate working towards earning my degree in Counseling and Human Development with a specialization in Clinical Mental Health. My counseling interests include mood disorders, substance abuse, and death anxiety. In addition, I chose the counseling program at Radford University because of its welcoming and supportive faculty and its CACREP accreditation. I am grateful for the number of experiences the program has afforded me, which range from the opportunity to study things that I love to the quality connections I have established with faculty, staff and my peers.

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Antonio Bolden

I am Antonio Bolden, a student in Radford University's Counselor Education Program. My areas of interest are working with athletes, veterans, incarcerated men, college students, and addictions. I chose Radford University because of the small location. This allows me the opportunity to effectively communicate with my professors. When I arrived at Radford, I received exactly what I was looking for; professors that were open, accessible, and easy to talk with. Just as important, as an African-American man, I did not feel isolated at Radford. The overall diversity at Radford has increased over the years and the professors have done a great job including a wide perspective of viewpoints in the counseling program. My overall experience in Radford University's counseling program has been superb. I am grateful for my opportunity to attend Radford and highly recommend Radford's counseling program. 

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Kaitlyn Rochelle

Hi, I’m Kaitlyn Rochelle. Currently, I am a second year student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. My interests revolve around counseling the elderly, specifically the terminally-ill in a hospice setting. I chose Radford because it was smaller, so I knew there would be a lot to gain from the one-on-one attention that is available here from the professors. I also felt right at home with the warm and welcoming environment of the students and faculty on campus, especially in the Counselor Education Department. So far in the program, I have been adequately challenged not only academically, but personally as well. I am growing into a better counselor, while simultaneously becoming a better, more-rounded person. Here, I am gaining the tools I need to be successful in my future career as a professional counselor. I couldn't have asked for a better fitting program to help me reach my goals.

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Stephanie Wright

My name is Stephanie Wright.  I am currently a first year graduate student in the Counselor Education program here at Radford University, working towards a Master of Science degree with a concentration in school counseling.  Radford’s Counselor Education program has been amazing to work with.  I have been thoroughly challenged by the coursework in the CACREP accredited program, which makes me feel as though I will be more than prepared for my future career.  The faculty and staff in the department are of the utmost caliber, each one bringing in real life experience to supplement their instruction, and the small class sizes add more one-on-one attention in an already highly collaborative setting.  I would call myself a non-traditional student:  I work full time as a high school social studies teacher in Carroll County, VA, and I am married and have two children under the age of eight at home.  Radford’s flexibility in working with me has been fantastic.  I have been able to choose classes to fit my schedule with relative ease, allowing me to continue working full time as an educator, while still being there for bedtime with my children most nights.  Starting the program has re-ignited a passion in me, and I would not have picked any other place than Radford to fan the flame.