Agida G. Manizade

Agida Manizade 2

Agida Manizade is the Interim Associate Dean of the College of Graduate Studies at Radford University. Manizade joined the College of Graduate Studies on February 10, 2023. Dr. Manizade is tenured and has been a Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Radford University (RU) since 2018.

Manizade considers leadership to be a daily practice. As a transformational leader, she works tirelessly to develop a shared vision, inspire team members to move together toward common goals, build relationships, and secure resources needed to further advance the organizations she leads.

Manizade is a highly respected scholar and teacher. She was recognized with the Outstanding Faculty Award by the State Commission of Higher Education of Virginia, the Dalton Imminent Scholar Award by the RU Foundation, the Outstanding Publication Award from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the Distinguished Creative Scholar Award by the RU Foundation, Million Dollar Circle award, Artis Outstanding Faculty Award for Scholarship and Service, and more than $3,000,000 in grant funding.

Dr. Manizade’s leadership roles include her role as the President of the Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Founding Director of the Secondary Mathematics Professional Development Center at Radford University, President of Radford Child Development, Editor of the Mathematics for Sustainable Developments Springer-Nature book series, former Vice President of Research and Best Practices in STEM at the Virginia Mathematics and Science Coalition, former Editor-in-Chief of the Virginia Mathematics Teacher journal, former Editor of the Research in Mathematics Teaching (SI), former Editor of The Evolution of Research on Teaching Mathematics Springer-Nature publication, and a Founding Director of Diagnostics and Assessment for Mathematics Excellence, as well as the International Center for Mathematics Excellence.

Manizade received her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in mathematics from Baku State University, her second master’s degree in mathematics education from The College of William and Mary, and her Ph.D. in mathematics education from the University of Virginia. Dr. Agida Manizade is an alumna of HERS Leadership Institute, Boston, 2022.

Contact Information:
Phone: 540-831-5752