The Appalachian Research


In the Appalachian Mountains, Radford University student researchers can study a variety of topics related to the region's ecology, geology, and cultural heritage. From the impacts of mining, water quality, plant and animal populations, to the effects of climate change.

Fieldwork occurs in relatively unseen environments and involves collecting samples, setting up monitoring equipment, and conducting surveys. Student researchers develop skills in observation, data collection, and analysis while building close relationships with fellow researchers and the local community.

The residents of the region are kind and welcoming and warmly invite Radford University students to learn and explore. These connections instill a deep appreciation within the students for the land and people, as well as a sense of empathy and responsibility for the environment they are studying in.

Explore the Appalachian Research Expedition

Get a glimpse of the Radford Appalachia Research Expedition from June, 2023.