Save the Date for RARE Fest 2023

Oct. 21, 2023
3 to 7 p.m.
Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center

Schedule of Events


3 p.m.
Charles Salyers

3:10 p.m.
What is RARE?
Jason Davis and Mohsin Kazmi

3:20 p.m.
RARE: Appalachia
Video presentation

3:30 p.m.
RARE: Appalachia A Student Perspective
Mark Daniel

3:40 p.m.
Micoplastics in Soil and Water
Cierra Reed and Sophie Cain

3:50 p.m.
Peace of Mind in Appalacia
Nick Beach

4 p.m.
Usage of game trails vs. human and cow paths by wildlife
Kaitlyn Tracy

4:10 p.m.
Myths of the Mountains
Nolan Fuss

4:20 p.m.
Attitudes to Science in Appalachia
Acalia Carter-Martin

4:30 p.m.
Workshop Solicitations followed by break and Q&A

4:50 p.m.
Introducing the Amazon
Jason Davis and Mohsin Kazmi

5 p.m.
RARE: Amazon
Video presentation

5:15 p.m.
RARE: Amazo A Student Perspective
Hanna Mitchell and Mitch Henderson

5:25 p.m.
Amazon overview
Joy Caughron and Tara Pelletier

5:35 p.m.
Appalachia overview
Aysha Bodenhamer

5:45 p.m.

6 p.m.
Hidden Rivers of Southern Appalachia
Film presentation


Lord of the Blood: An examination of bacteria in blood
Christina Tinkham

Math and cows
Lukas Hulan

Radford University Information
Charles Salyers

Amazonia Museum: A Lego Experience

Adventures with a bird botherer
Mark Daniel

What can RARE do for you?
Aysha Bodenhamer