Elementary Education

Graduates are qualified for a variety of careers

Graduates of the Radford University Elementary Education Teacher Preparation Program are recognized for their:

  • Ability to create learning environments that meet the needs of diverse student populations;
  • Commitment to intellectual curiosity and on-going professional development;
  • Expertise in implementing research-based practices across the curriculum;
  • Understanding of the importance of multiple perspectives in a multicultural world; and
  • Ability to develop linkages among parents, school, and community.

Our nationally-accredited Elementary Education Teacher Preparation Program recognizes its role in developing culturally responsive teachers. Our graduates honor the strength and potential of the individual in their school communities.

Progress sheets for the Elementary Education Teacher Preparation Program can be found on the College of Education and Human Development Advising Resources page. Select the academic year and then choose Elementary Education. More information may be obtained by visiting Radford University's catalog. Select the Elementary Education link.


  • Our Elementary Education Program is designed as a field-based program.
  • Upon graduation, candidates will be eligible for endorsement in Elementary Education and Special Education: General Curriculum. 
  • Candidates earn more than 500 clock hours working in elementary classrooms and with students receiving special education.
  • Radford University has developed partnerships with local communities, public schools, professional organizations, and other universities and community colleges which establish authentic networks for candidate learning and career development.
  • Our faculty’s expertise and research agendas in high-impact teaching strategies, cultural responsiveness, instructional technology, and interdisciplinary teaching provide students with learning experiences that are deemed best practices.
  • The Elementary Education program provides access to a wide variety of technology and instructional tools through the on-campus Teacher Resource Center.
  • Candidates have access to the exemplary Center for Academic Advising and Student Support and the Learning Assistance Resource Center.

Students who graduate with their bachelor’s degree from the elementary education program are eligible for the Virginia prek-6th grade teaching licensure. They may then enter the accelerated Master of Science Degree in Special Education and complete that degree in one year with an additional license. 


Teacher candidates pursuing licensure in PreK-6th grade develop competencies in many areas including the following:

  • Valuing multiple perspectives in a multicultural world;
  • Understanding human development and the teaching/learning transaction;
  • Designing instruction using the backward design process;
  • Managing classroom activities and student behavior;
  • Conducting assessment of and for learning; and
  • Incorporating instructional technology applications.

Student Profiles



Meet the Professors


Dr. Carol Bland

Associate Professor
1st grade, special education, and preK teacher
Office: Peters Hall A042
Phone: 540-831-5782
Email: cbland@radford.edu

I want to inspire my students to teach with a celebration of diversity, a passion for inclusive practices, and a commitment to social justice.


Dr. Gaston Dembele

Associate Professor
International elementary education teacher
Office: Peters Hall A142
Phone: 540-831-7152
Email: gdembele@radford.edu


Dr. Melissa Lisanti

Associate Professor
Elementary education teacher and techical assistance provider
Office: Peters Hall A021
Phone: 540-831-5438
Email: mlisanti2@radford.edu

I teach because I love learning. To be able to share in the learning of others, even in a small way, is a privilege. Designing instructional experiences for future teachers gives me challenge, inspiration, and joy every day.


Dr. Holly Robbins

Contact for Elementary Education Program and Certificate in Gifted Education
Elementary education and gifted teacher
Office: Peters Hall A016
Phone: 540-831-6844
Email: hhrobbins@radford.edu

Teaching challenges you to be your best self and enables you to indulge in lifelong learning.