The mission of the Virginia Inclusive Practices Center at Radford University is to foster inclusive school environments that provide academic, social, emotional and physical inclusion for children and youth with disabilities.


The Virginia Inclusive Practices Center (VIPC) at Radford University is committed to promoting full participation within school and community through meaningful educational, social/emotional, and physical opportunities for children and youth with disabilities. Our long-term goal is to support inclusive education in schools through systematic educational outreach and high impact long-term professional development that supports administrative leadership, collaboration, self-determination, community involvement, and promotion of inclusive school cultures.


  • ┬áInclusion is both a vision and a practice
  • ┬áInclusion is more than just placement in a general education classroom
  • The least restrictive environment involves a least restrictive attitude
  • An inclusive environment presumes competence and creates equity
  • Inclusive practitioners challenge negative preconceptions, maintain high expectations, and empower students through self-determination
  • Full participation in school and community supports full citizenship in adult life
  • Inclusion must be implemented with fidelity to the principles and practices supported by research


  • ┬áInclusive Education in Public Schools Graduate Courses for Administrators and Teachers funded by the Virginia Department of Education
  • 3Cs Inclusion Project (Culture, Collaboration, Coaching) funded by the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities
  • Virginia Department of Education K-12 Inclusive Practices Guide