Independent undergraduate research provides students the first experience to answer problems with no known solution and to learn the process of creating new knowledge. Through close collaboration with a faculty mentor, students perform experiments on research-grade instruments, analyze results with specialized programs, and present their research at local and national conferences.

Students can begin research as early as the first semester at Radford and perform work throughout the year. Besides working in the laboratory, students learn how to present their research at local and national meetings. They can attend national American Chemical Society meetings and other specialized conferences which provide excellent networking opportunities. Research projects have led to student-faculty co-authored publications in peer-reviewed journals such as Journal of Computational Chemistry, Carbon, MRS Advances, Macromolecules, and Journal of Chemical Education.

Research projects at Radford are supported by various funding sources. Students can enroll in CHEM 481: Undergraduate Research or apply for the university sponsored Accelerated Research Opportunities, Research Rookies and Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships Program. In addition, students can obtain paid, off-campus research internships in academic and industrial laboratories.

For additional information about joining a research group, please stop by the faculty offices or contact them via email.