We are proud of our students, as they embody a lot of the ideal qualities one can hope for in a student. The following are some of these qualities/personality traits and chances are that you yourself will recognize these once you start to interact and get to know some of the geology majors in our program.

You shall find that our students tend to be"

  • Outdoorsy
    A lot of geology is best studied outdoors; also the reason our classes include several mandatory field trips.
  • Easy to get along with
    Something which happens naturally after you have spent some time hiking and camping with other geology students!
  • Love talking about their rock, mineral and fossil collections
    Most of them seem to have one that they have treasured since childhood!
  • Hard-working
    It takes dedication and mental and physical hard-work to succeed as a geology major; we have very high expectations of you and even as we shall challenge you academically, we are there to also provide the support you need, but it is 'you' who has to do the work!
  • Confident
    Confidence comes naturally once you spend some time with us in the classroom and in the field and start to realize that you are, in fact, quickly, learning a lot of new skills and content - it therefore is no surprise that we have a job-placement rate in excess of 90% among our programs graduates!
  • Leaders
    We have three very active student groups in our program - RUGS (Radford University Geological Society), AEG (Association of Engineering Geologists), and SGE (Sigma Gamma Epsilon - the National Earth Science Honor Society) - these groups are run by our majors, with guidance from a faculty adviser. You can learn more about joining any of these clubs by visiting the clubs web pages and/or by contacting one of the Club Members - stop by in the Geology Work-Study Room in Curie Hall and ask for the names and e-mails of club officers.