The GIS Center offers a variety of geospatial and GIS services to federal, state, and local governments, industrial partners, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations. The personnel of the GIS Center are qualified and willing to work cooperatively on research projects or other contract work, provided that GIS Center personnel are full research/project partners, or will be adequately compensated for the time they work. The rates for GIS services are commensurate with the individuals’ regular hourly rates and equipment rental rates.

Below is a list of services currently offered: 

  • LiDAR Scanning - Scanning and data processing from Leica Scanstation C10 for projects such as, scanning of rockfall areas, crime scenes, buildings, highways, wetlands, parking garages, proposed and completed cut-and-fill areas, as-builts of bridges, or for Building Infrastructure Management (BIM)
  • GPS and Surveying - Collection and processing of GPS and total station data
  • WebGIS and Interactive Map Development - Create and host variety of webGIS applications, such as ArcGIS Server websites, or sites using ESRI Javascript API, ESRI Flex API, REST API and Goggle Maps API
  • GIS Training - Contact us for a list of courses
  • GIS and Geodatabase Design and Maintenance - We can guide clients through the entire process of creating and maintaining a GIS; starting with users’ needs analyses to GIS implementation, maintenance, QA & QC
  • GIS Tool Development - Customization and programming tools for ArcGIS, ArcEngine and ArcGIS Server
  • Spatial Analysis and Modeling - Offer a variety of modeling and spatial analysis services such as crime prediction, uncertainty analysis, site-selection, plume modeling, watershed modeling, 3d modeling, etc.