There are many ways to study cybersecurity at Radford University. Below you will find the three pathways to choose from. Visit the Catalog search to find more out about these options.

Pathway 1

The following combination of major has been certified as an NSA Center for Academic Excellence Cyber Defense Education Program of Study (2016-2021): BS in Computer Science and Technology (Networking concentration) + Undergraduate Certificate in Information Security.

Note that the Undergraduate Information Security certificate is supplemental to the BS in CSAT degree and will only be issued upon successful completion of the BS in CSAT degree.

Students must fulfill the general electives, BS electives, and Mathematics requirements for the BS degree in Computer Science and Technology in addition to the following program of study for a total of 120 credits to be awarded the degree.


In addition to the core requirements the below requirements need to be completed:

Information Security Certificate

Students seeking the Information Security Certificate must have successfully completed Principles of Computer Science I (ITEC 120) with grade of “C” or better prior to being admitted. The certificate addresses issues across different aspects of computing, raises awareness of security risks, and improves the ability of our students to develop end-to-end security solutions. Students must complete the following three courses:

Pathway 3

A BS in Cybersecurity Degree

Students must complete the University’s Core Curriculum Requirements, the Degree Core Requirements, the Bachelor of Science Requirements, and any necessary electives to reach at least 120 credit hours.

Degree Core Requirements (63-68 credits)

Bachelor of Science Requirements (6-8 credits)

Students must choose any two courses from the following list: