Degree Requirements

The master of science degree in educational leadership is designed to prepare professional personnel to fill positions as preK-12 school principals or instructional supervisors in Virginia. Endorsement in administration in Virginia requires a minimum of three years of successful K-12 teaching experience prior to licensure in this area. Successful completion of this program of study will lead to a license in preK-12 school administration and supervision.

Master of Science in Educational Leadership (33 hours)

For those seeking licensure in School Administration.

Required Courses

  • EDEL 612 – Introduction to School Leadership
  • EDEL 614 – Supervision and Evaluation of Instruction
  • EDEL 616 – Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for School Leaders
  • EDEL 620 – Educational Research for School Leaders
  • EDEL 618 – Educational Leadership for Diverse Learners
  • EDEL 621 – Organization and Management of Public Schools
  • EDEL 624 – Technology for School Administrators
  • EDEL 626 – The School and Community Relations
  • EDEL 630 – Legal and Ethical Dimensions of School Leadership
  • EDEL 690 – Internship

Program Requirements

  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA with no more than one C allowed during program completion.
  • Completion of a final comprehensive exam during the last semester of the student's program of study.

Field Experience and Licensure

In order to be fully licensed, you must complete an internship, which consists of a minimum of 360 hours of administration experience in local schools and in a division office setting.  

Licensure Requirements

The School Leadership Licensure Assessment by ETS is required by the Commonwealth of Virginia prior to receiving the pre K-12 administration and supervision license.  The Virginia Department of Education requires licensure candidates to score at or better than 146 on the SLLA to receive an endorsement in administration and supervision.