Part-Time Program

We offer an innovative and stimulating learning community for professional students seeking the MSW degree. The part-time Master of Social Work Program is designed primarily for people working full-time in the human services arena. Standard MSW curriculums are offered.

General Information

  • Electives may be offered during the week
  • Standard cohort admitted in Fall
  • Courses may be offered online or in-person

Plan of Study

Year 1

Fall (6 hrs)Spring (6 hrs)Summer (6 hrs)
HBSE 1 (SOWK 601)HBSE II (SOWK 602)Practice I (SOWK 631)
Policy I (SOWK 611)Research I (SOWK 621)Field I (SOWK 641)

Year 2

Fall (6 hrs)Spring (6 hrs)Summer (3, 6, or 9 hrs)
Practice II (SOWK 632)Biopsychosocial (SOWK 682)Policy II (SOWK 761)
Field II (SOWK 642)Research II (SOWK 772)Elective

Year 3

Fall (8 hrs)Spring (8 hrs)Summer (3 or 6 hrs)
Practice III (SOWK 783)Practice IV (SOWK 784)Seminar (SOWK 785)
Field III (SOWK 791)Field IV (SOWK 792)Elective