Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Direct Admission to Prelicensure BSN Major

Students who are interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) can now be directly admitted to the Nursing major at both Main Campus and Radford University Carilion! Traditional BSN students are required to meet progression criteria at the end of both freshman and sophomore years to progress into the upper-division nursing coursework.

Why choose a Bachelor of Science in Nursing? The BSN degree prepares graduates for the professional roles of a registered nurse and includes coursework in leadership, nursing research, and community health nursing. Graduates of the BSN program are prepared to deliver and evaluate quality patient care while demonstrating clinical competency, critical thinking skills, and patient advocacy. The BSN program builds upon a strong foundation of general education courses and prepares students to take the National Council Licensure Exam-RN (NCLEX-RN).


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Prelicensure BSN: Traditional Track

Prelicensure BSN: Traditional & Accelerated Tracks

Postlicensure BSN: RN-to-BSN