I’m An Athlete

Enhancing Life through Sport for Persons with Physical Disabilities

Department of Health and Human Performance 
Radford University

The purpose of the I’m an Athlete program is to enhance quality of life through sport. Persons with physical disabilities face a variety of physical and social barriers to sport and physical activity. However, research has consistently shown that adaptive sport enhances an individual’s health and quality of life. The program, therefore, seeks to advance adaptive sport opportunities through research, service, and promotion. To understand the importance of this program, one simply needs to understand how adaptive sport changes lives.

"I've been an athlete all my life, my disability never changed that!" (Jason Regier)

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Current Research Projects

    ●EMG Analysis of Wheelchair Rugby Athletes

    ●Sport-based Therapeutic Recreation: Perceived Outcomes and Implications for Research

    ●Leisure Sport Outcomes among Persons with Physical Disabilities

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Current Service

    ●International Sport Classification

        →   Nation’s Cup in Limerick, Ireland

        →   Copa Americas Power Soccer Tournament in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

        →   Under 18’s  in Paris France


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Current Promotion

    ●Soccer for All program
        →   Partnership with the United States Power Soccer Association to improve quality of life
              through new equipment purchases

Wheelchair Soccer - Kids

Links of Interest

Paralympics - http://www.paralympic.org

U.S. Paralympics - http://www.teamusa.org/US-Paralympics

Sport Clubs by State - http://www.teamusa.org/US-Paralympics/Community/Paralympic-Sport-Clubs/Current-Clubs

Sports for Veterans - http://www.va.gov/adaptivesports/

First Powerchair Football Clinic in Argentina - http://argentina.usembassy.gov/powerchair_event.html