B.S. in Computer Science

Students may gain a broad, theoretical foundation in computing and/or practical, hands-on experience while completing one or more of the following concentrations.

Computer Science Concentration

The ABET accredited Computer Science concentration includes a broad foundation in the core areas of computer science, including operating systems, computer organization, programming language design, and advanced study of algorithms and theoretical computer science. Technical elective courses provide specialization in two areas chosen by the student.

Database Concentration

The Database concentration educates students in all aspects of data management including database design, database administration, data warehousing, data visualization, data mining and analysis.

Networks Concentration

Computer and communications networks are now a part of our everyday lives. The networks Concentration prepares students for careers in network design and network administration. Courses expose students to a broad spectrum of networking concepts and technologies in both a theoretical classroom setting and an advanced networks lab.

Software Engineering Concentration

The Software Engineering concentration is designed to produce designers for large, complex software systems. Current best practices and process models of the software development life cycle are covered with detailed study of all process phases from requirements elicitation through operations and maintenance. Emphasis is on design attributes that make it possible to efficiently implement, extend, and maintain large systems.