Studio Art

B.F.A. Concentration in Studio Art:  

Develop craftsmanship, creativity, and originality in our B.F.A. concentration in studio art. Students build technical mastery through courses in drawing, painting, watercolor, ceramics, sculpture, photography, animation, video art, illustration, and more. They also explore big questions and diverse perspectives through a set of philosophy and concept development courses. The concentration culminates with courses on professional practices, including creating work for and hanging your own senior exhibition. The B.F.A. concentration in studio art is a professional degree that prepares students to pursue the terminal M.F.A. degree in studio art. Students may use the degree as an entry for gallery jobs, teaching outside K-12, or other creative careers in the arts. A complete list of studio art courses can be found in the academic catalog.


B.S. Concentration in Studio Art:  

Torn between art and another field of study? The B.S. degree allows students to combine a major in art with another major or minor. Students often choose to pursue a double major in marketing, psychology, media studies, anthropology, or the natural sciences. The B.S. concentration in Studio Art allows students to prepare for interdisciplinary professions – such as art restoration, geospatial science, data visualization, entrepreneurship – that combine skillsets. The concentration requires a combination of studio art and art history. A complete list of studio art courses can be found in the academic catalog.