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Students who study theatre become quick thinkers, versatile problem solvers and excellent communicators. Whether you seek a life’s work, a sense of community, or a diversion, the Department of Theatre and Cinema serves as your gateway to new skills, experiences and pathways.

There are several scholarship opportunities available for first year students, most of which are renewable throughout your academic career at Radford University.  APPLY BY FEBRUARY 16. To learn more about these scholarships, click the link below.

Aisha Noma graduated in 2021 with the goal of living and working in her favorite city, Washington D. C. Focus, flexibility and a strong skill set developed in the Theatre Department gave her the tools to get where she wanted to be. Click here to learn more.

About Radford Theatre and Cinema

Interested in a degree in Theatre balancing academics with hands on experience? Looking for an interesting minor in Theatre or Cinema? Click the link above to find out more.

Whatever you dream of doing in Theatre we are here to help you realize it. We pride ourselves on being just the right size—big enough to provide many opportunities to practice your craft, yet small enough to give you the close attention Theatre training requires. Click the link above to learn how to join us.

"Our students, patrons and faculty have one thing in common-- a passion for the arts!  Our faculty represent professional theatre and cinema artists who offer a variety of experiences that provide our students with tools and training that will help prepare them for further studies in graduate school or entering the entertainment industry." Click the link above to hear more from Theatre Chair Rich Dunham.

The 2022-2023 season is here.
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Remembering Porterfield's Stage

Remembering Porterfield Hall
Porterfield Hall 1974-2021. Charles L. Hayes Stage. Nancy Necessary Pridemore Playhouse. Dr. James W. and Lilli H. Hawes Studio Theatre. In Memory of all actors, directors, designers and technicians who trod on this stage! Radford University.

We are calling upon our Radford Family of theatre enthusiasts to celebrate the rich history of theatre at Radford University.

For $150 (including shipping), you can support students studying theatre within the College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) AND own a piece of Radford theater history.

Each plaque includes a floor sample from one of the original traps of the Hayes Stage. Each, unique and complete with random spattered paint, screw or nail holes, spike tape, etc., testifies to the character and many productions that have graced this historic stage! 


Learn more here!

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News & Events

  1. Mini-grants go a long way for CVPA students »


    Recently, three professors in the College of Visual and Performing Arts received small cash grants to aid in their classroom efforts.

  2. "The Aliens" comes to the Radford stage »


    Sometimes the stars really do align. At least that’s the way Radford University junior Annie Bolte feels right now. “The Aliens,” by Annie Baker, which will open on Valentine’s night.

  3. Focused, Flexible and Skilled »


    Aisha Noma used focus, flexibility and theater experience to step into the life she wanted after graduation.

  4. Theatre Professor Launches New Podcast for Actors  »


    Theatre professor Robyn Berg has joined forces with licensed professional counselor Bonny O'Neill to produce a new podcast for actors, "Staying Me While Being You."

  5. Radford University's Inaugural Health and Wellness Awareness Week Ignites Inspiration in Students »


    Radford University's Music Department proudly launched its first-ever Health and Wellness Awareness Week over the past weekend, leaving a resounding impact on students' physical and mental well-being.

  6. Radford Theatre Brings Its Voice to Silent Sky »


    Radford University’s first play of the season, Silent Sky, mixes science and history with relatable human emotion and powerful philosophical questions.

  7. Remembering Chuck Hayes »


    Students and collegues remember Theatre professor Chuck Hayes, a Radford University legend.

  8. Shakespeare Returns to Radford »


    Radford's Theater Department stages Much Ado About Nothing, a new play for a long standing tradition.

  9. Exploring the Dark Side of the Moon »


    The College of Visual and Performing Arts celebrates the 50th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s landmark concept album, Dark Side of the Moon, with a free live performance.

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