About the MFA in Design Thinking

Our graduate degree in design thinking program is unique.

  • Radford University’s MFA in Art-Design Thinking is a 100% online graduate program designed to augment any bachelor or master’s degree.
  • Students are not required to have a degree in design to enroll in the program.
  • The degree can be completed in two years as a full-time student or in four years as a part-time student.
  • As a terminal degree (similar to a PhD or doctorate), an MFA in Art-Design Thinking not only prepares graduates for professional careers but also prepares students to teach in higher education.
  • Design Thinking is a process highly valued in the business community. The MFA in Art-Design Thinking program is often compared to an executive MBA program and positions graduates well for leadership positions in a variety of industries.
  • The MFA in Art-Design Thinking is taught by designers who are experts in problem-solving strategies.

Diversity in Design  

The Department of Design is dedicated to providing a quality education to all students by inspiring them to shape the future of Design. We are committed to our community by encouraging an environment that is welcoming, supportive, inclusive, and diverse. We recognize that all voices and opinions matter and strive to create a sense of belonging.

Our graduate degree in design thinking suits almost any professional.

The MFA in Art-Design Thinking is ideally suited for students who are seeking to advance their professional careers by obtaining the education and skills needed to design methodologies that address international and domestic issues. Akin to an executive MBA program, the MFA in Art-Design Thinking prepares its graduates for leadership roles in a variety of industries – not just fields typically associated with design.

Some of the potential career opportunities for graduates of the MFA in Art-Design Thinking program include:

  • Team leader
  • Manager
  • Director
  • Executive
  • Trainer
  • Specialist
  • Strategist
  • Policymaker
  • Consultant
  • Professor

An MFA in Art-Design Thinking opens doors for graduates with a variety of different backgrounds and undergraduate degrees. The MFA in Art-Design Thinking at Radford enables graduates to be leaders in business and industry because of their unique skills and experiences. Additionally, because this is a terminal degree, graduates from this program are able to teach in higher education. 

Our graduate degree in design thinking is affordable.

Radford University is ranked 13th in the 2018 Most Affordable Online Colleges for Master's Degrees in Art & Design study. The MFA in Art-Design Thinking program is affordable for students from around the world and requires no on-campus residency.

2019 Best Online Colleges MFA- SR Education Group
2019 Most Affordable Online Colleges MFA- SR Education Group