Certificate in Design Thinking

Design Thinking is now offering a certificate! The online Design Thinking Certificate requires students to complete 15-credit hours of graduate level coursework that empowers them to strategize, plan, and solve complex problems across a multitude of venues. The curriculum is structured to facilitate mastery in Design Thinking methods, management, teaming, and environment and behavior.

Students can enroll in the one-year program that consists of 15 credits. Students must take DSN 600 Design Thinking Studio.

Students may select 4 classes from the following:

  • DSN 611 - Special Topics in Design Thinking (3 credits) (may be repeated on a different topic for 3 additional credits)
  • DSN 615 - Readings Credits (3 credits)
  • DSN 619 - Design Thinking for Educators (3 credits)
  • DSN 645 - Collaboration Studio (3 credits)
  • DSN 670 - Environment Behavior Studio (3 credits)
  • DSN 740 - Design Management Studio (3 credits)

The Certificate is structured so that existing courses from the MFA in Art-Design Thinking program satisfy the requirements for the Certificate. This means you can easily transfer from the Certificate to the MFA if you want to continue your studies.