Computer Labs

The computer labs across campus have the software installed for students to complete assignments.    

In addition, there are several software packages available for faculty, staff and students to install on their personally owned machines.   A complete listing can be found at the Software Availability page.  




Computer Platform

Center for the SciencesBiology25 PC
Center for the SciencesChemistry25 PC

Davis 114

ITEC- PC Lab    

30 PC    

Davis 201

ITEC- Co-Op    

17 PC    

Davis 225

ITEC- Unix    

32 MAC Dual   

Humanities & Behavioral Science 1005Communications24 Mac

Humanities & Behavioral Science 1009


24 PC    

Humanities & Behavioral 1012Communications (Video Editing)12 Mac Pros
Humanities & Behavioral Science 1023Communications (Podcasting)5 Mac Pros
Humanities & Behavioral Science 3004Criminal Justice30 PC

Humanities & Behavioral Science 3006


17 PC  

Humanities & Behavioral Science 3023

Shared Lab     

21 PC    

Humanities & Behavioral Science 4013

Foreign Language    

18 PC    

Humanities & Behavioral Science 5040Psychology25 PC

Hurlburt 201

Student Center    

18 PC    

Kyle Hall 152College of Business and Economics4 PC
Kyle Hall 215College of Business and Economics37 PC
Kyle Hall 228College of Business and Economics4 PC

McConnell 350


20 PC    

McConnell 440


12 MAC    

McConnell Flr 2Interior Design and Fashion Lab27 PC

McConnell Flr 1


3 PC

McConnell Flr 2


2 PC

McConnell Flr 3


48 PC    

McConnell Flr 4


1 PC / 22 MAC   

McConnell Flr 5


7 PC    

Peters C109


15 PC    

Peters C144


30 PC    

Reed-Curie 133Geospatial Lab24 PC

Roanoke Floor 6 

Higher Education    

25 PC    

Walker 216Art Photo and Music Lab16 Mac

Walker 221

Walker Technology Center    

32 PC    

Walker 225

Art Lab

23 Mac    

Walker 295Theater Lab7 PC

Young 123

Shared Lab

36 PC