The Clinical Simulation Centers are training and assessment centers that include the following simulation technologies:

  • Standardized Patients (SPs)
  • Full-size electormechanical patient simulators
  • Computer assisted instruction (CAI)
  • Audio/visual equipment for simulation recording

Standardized Patients (SPs) - individuals trained to simulate medical conditions accurately and repeatedly in a "standardized" way

Electomechanical Patient Simulators - life-size plastic manikins (adult, child, and baby) that "breathe", "speak" through a microphone with trainees, have palpable pulses, a heartbeat (normal and abnormal) and other signs and symptons allowing the user to simulate human physiology

Each Clinical Simulation Center includes:

  • One Intensive Care room
  • Two Obstetric rooms
  • Two Medical/Surgical rooms
  • Two Pediatric rooms
  • Four Standardized Patient rooms
  • Two Interview rooms
  • An apartment for homecare/community based/mental health simulation
  • Two debriefing areas
  • Simulation control room
  • Basic Life Support training room
  • Reception and staff office space

Photo galleries of the Clinical Simulation Centers

Radford University Cook hall


Roanoke Higher Education Center

Radford University, Clinical Simulation Center, Waldron College of Health and Human Services at the  Roanoke Higher Education Center, Roanoke, VA.