Recyclable Items





Bottles and cans



Containers are located next to drink machines and other areas. Call Work Control (x7800) for large pick-ups.

Aluminum cans

Food and beverage cans only

Any other aluminum items, aerosol cans

Empty and rinse

Bi-metal and steel cans

Bi-metal and steel food and beverage containers, steel lids

aerosol cans, paint cans

Empty and rinse; labels are OK


Glass food and beverage bottles (all colors)

Labware, cookware, plates, glasses, mirrors, plateglass, light bulbs, Pyrex, ceramics, chemicals

Empty and rinse; Dispose of lids/caps; labels are OK; Do not break.

Plastic (#1-#7)

Types #1 PETE (drink and food containers) and #2 HDPE (milk, juice and water jugs, household cleaners) #3-V, #4-LDPE, #5-PP, #6-PS, & #7-Other.

Film, motor oil and antifreeze containers, butter tubs, six-pack rings, Styrofoam, plastic bags, film wrap, cardboard milk cartons and juice boxes

Empty and rinse; lids/caps & labels are OK, Check bottom of container for recycling code with appropriate number.

Mixed paper


Napkins, paper towels and tissues

Containers are located next to printers, copiers and other areas.

Books - soft cover


Hardback books, CDs


Computer paper

Green or gray bar paper

Laminated paper

Call Work Control for large pick-ups


All magazines and catalogs

Rubber bands, plastic bags



All standard newsprint, inserts, comics



Telephone books

All telephone books


Call Work Control for a pickup of large quantities

White and colored office paper

Copier, laser printer, letterhead and notebook paper, green or gray bar paper, colored paper, white envelopes without plastic windows

Adhesive labels

Marks, small amount of staples and paper clips are OK

Shredded documents



Departments having documents shredded for privacy reasons should contact Work Control prior to having vendor perform services.


Pressboard (cereal type boxes) pizza boxes, waxed cardboard, food matter, milk or juice cartons





Soiled or wet cardboard

Remove packaging materials and flatten boxes

Corrugated cardboard

Cardboard with a wavy inner liner, can include brown paper bags

Pressboard (cereal type boxes), pizza boxes, waxed cardboard, food matter, milk or juice cartons (place in mixed paper receptacles)

Flatten boxes and place cardboard next to recycling containers

Other recyclables


Not Acceptable



Propylene or ethylene glycol

Oil, mineral spirits

Drum is located at Armstrong


PCB and non-PCB ballasts from fluorescent lights

Leaking ballasts

Drum is located at Armstrong. Contact Work Control (x7800)


Automotive batteries

Other batteries

Stored at Armstrong. Contact (x7790)

Batteries, non-automotive

Cell phone batteries, lead-acid, Ni-Cd. LiO and alkaline

Automotive batteries

Drop off locations. Place leaking batteries in plastic bags. Small quantities can be sent to Work Control (Storeroom) through campus mail

Books - hardback



Large quantities - Contact Warehouse for pick-up (x6085)

Cooking grease

Cooking grease only

Other oils

Underground traps and roll-off units located at dining facilities. Collected by outside contract vendor

Copper and brass

Any type of copper or brass, insulation is OK

Other metals

Contact Work Control (x7800)


Photographic and lithographic film


Contact Safety Office.

Fluorescent lights

Fluorescent lights of all sizes, HID lamps

Incandescent bulbs

Do not break lights; call Work Control (x7800) for pick-up.

Food waste

Food waste, including liquids, paper towels

Plastic, glass, paper, Styrofoam

Currently evaluating composting options

Latex paint

Latex paint only

Oil of solvent based paint

Call Safety Office.


Metallic mercury only

Mercury compounds

Call Safety Office.

Mineral spirits

Mineral spirits only

Gasoline, kerosene, or other solvents

Call Safety Office.

Motor oil

Used motor oil (petroleum or synthetic) and hydraulic oil

Refrigeration oil

Drum is located at Armstrong


Uncontaminated refrigerants

Moisture, oil, air exceeding permissible limits

HVAC personnel have reclamation units.

Refrigeration oil

Refrigeration oil only

Motor oil, hydraulic fluid

Drum located in the Allen Building. Contact Safety Office

Scrap metal

Tin, steel, iron, aluminum, copper

Paint cans, gas cylinders, ballasts, drums, asbestos

Contact Work Control (x7800)


Spend fixer from darkrooms


Containers are available from the Safety Office


Tires only

Non state-owned tires

 Contact Work Control (x7800)

Toner cartridges

All cartridges made by Hewlet Packard. Other brands must have a factory mailing label inside box to be recycled

Leaking cartridges

Place cartridges in the original box or a plastic bag. Send cartridges to Warehouse Services, Box 6886 or call 831-5342. Contact Warehouse for pick-up




Call Safety Office.

Wood/Yard Waste

Clean pallets, tree trimmings, brush, virgin wood, lawn trimmings and leaves

Painted, treated, stained wood

Contact Work Control (x7800)