Student Affairs

Welcome to the Roanoke based Student Affairs of Radford University. We were here to assist Radford University students located in Roanoke, both at Radford University Carilion and the Roanoke Higher Education Center. We actively support the holistic engagement and personal growth of students. Our programs and services are developed to foster wellbeing, cultivate belonging, and provide support to help students succeed. For more information about the Division of Student Affairs visit Division of Student Affairs | Radford University.

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Prox Cards

What is a PROX card?
A prox card is a plain white card which acts as a key. It will give you access to the building entrances and areas within the university that are locked down. Cards will not be activated until your program is expected to arrive on campus.

PROX Cards provide access to the following areas:

  • Breezeway entrance into the 3rd floor lobby from parking garage
  • Highlander House- Located on the 4th floor
  • Educational Testing Center (computer lab) Located on the 5th floor
  • Fitness Center located on the 1st floor
  • You may receive additional access depending upon your program of study

Your cards will be mailed to the Mailing Address listed on your account.  If you would like them sent to a different address, please e-mail with the new address.