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Accounting Services includes Accounts Payable and Accounting Support, which is comprised of Check Write, Small Purchase Charge Card and Vendor ID. We follow state-mandated accounting regulations. If you have procedural questions, please contact us before committing expenses to ensure that your expenditures meet state guidelines.

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Updated Expenditure Account Codes-Effective 7/1/2023

The following changes have been made to the Expenditure Account Code Listing for Apparel, Apparel Supplies, Athletic Uniforms, Promotional Items and Media Services

  • 713110- Name changed to Apparel instead of Apparel Supplies. 
  • 713112- (NEW) Athletic Uniforms and Apparel (Athletics only).
  • 713115- (NEW) Apparel Supplies:  Used for needle, thread, costuming supplies, etc.
  • 712481 – Promotional items: this will be used for promotional merchandise (other than apparel) that complies with the University Promotional Items policy.
  • 712480 – Media Services.  Description changed to remove inclusion of promotional items
  • 713610-Clothing Supplies has been deleted.  This code was for items that are used in prisons and other agencies that handle persons that are wards of the state. It is not needed. 


The university’s payment method guidelines have been updated to improve efficiency and eliminate duplicate or redundant processes. The changes to these guidelines are summarized below:

Conference Registrations, Online Courses, and Trainings (expenses coded to 712240) - For consistency purposes, any expense that falls into the 712240 account code may be approved through Chrome River. This includes all virtual conferences, courses, and training programs.

Hotels (non-contract) - All non-contract hotel expenses may now be approved through Chrome River. This applies primarily to local lodging for interview candidates and guests. Any hotel direct bills that include a contract must still be submitted through eVA for Procurement review and signature.

Organizational membership dues (individuals) - Approval for individual membership dues to professional organizations may also be obtained through Chrome River. If Accounts Payable is paying the vendor, a direct pay form referencing the Chrome River pre-approval # must also be submitted along with any necessary documentation. Please note departmental accreditations are excluded from this process. 


SPCC Reconciliations are now completed in Chrome River. Review the Chrome River User Guide – SPCC, which is located on the MyRU portal, for instructions.  Contact Kim McKinney (540) 831-7613 for assistance. The reconciliations are due by the 25th of each month.

SPCC Cardholders should register to receive their statements electronically. This will provide you access to your statements the day after the billing cycle closes (16th of each month). 


Radford University adheres to the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Prompt Pay Act, which states that vendor invoices will be paid 30 days from the receipt of goods/services or the invoice, whichever is later. The university reviews payment data monthly and reports information on late payments to the state each quarter. The university is evaluated on both the number of late payments as well as the total dollar amount of those payments. The state requires each agency to maintain a 95% success rate in Prompt Pay compliance.

Accounts Payable will notify the individual and/or department head with a finalized memo when material late payments occur. Should reoccurring issues arise, a corrective action plan will be required by the Controller’s Office and approved by department leadership.

All invoices should be sent by the vendor directly to Accounting Services at Box 6906 or by email. If an invoice is sent to the department, it should be forwarded to Accounting Services within three (3) business days. Accounts Payable must have at least ten (10) days notice to ensure an invoice is processed by the required due date.

Please be aware Accounting Services does not receive notification of invoices attached to an eVA purchase order. eVA receiving should reflect the actual dates the goods/services were received, and must be completed before payment can be processed.

Last Updated: 8/4/2023