Whatever your stage in life, planned giving can benefit you and your loved ones while helping Radford University students for generations to come. Some planned gifts have an impact now and others after your lifetime. Many offer tax savings, and some even provide you with income for life. There are several ways you can make these planned gifts to Radford University and enjoy tax and income benefits.

Radford University Advancement will help you develop the plan that works best for you.

Ways to Make a Planned Gift

Bequest: Naming Radford in your will can reduce inheritance taxes. These gifts of cash can be property or a percentage of the remainder of your estate. 

Non-Term Life Insurance: Naming Radford as beneficiary of a paid-up policy or a new policy helps the University’s future endowment and provides you with a tax deduction.

Retirement Plan Gifts: Remainder interest in IRA, 401(k) and 403(b) plans can be designated to provide an income stream to loved ones and benefits the University.

Charitable Lead Trust: Property or assets can stay in the family, while your gift reduces estate taxes and supports the University. 

Revocable Trusts: Trusts can be established to benefit donor and/or others, and ultimately Radford.

Life Income Gifts: Gifts of appreciated property can generate income for you, another beneficiary, or both. Tax benefits are calculated using age of donor and assets used.


Your GiftYour GoalHow it WorksYour Benefits
  • Make a gift to charity after your death
  • You designate Radford University as the beneficiary of your assets by will, trust or other instrument.
  • Estate tax charitable deduction
  • Life use and ownership of your property
Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA)
  • Receive fixed payments for life
  • Avoid capital gains tax on the sale of your appreciated property
  • Enjoy the benefit of tax savings from a charitable deduction
  • You transfer your cash or appreciated property to Radford University in exchange for Radford’s promise to make fixed payments (with rates based on your age) for the rest of your life.
  • Charitable tax deduction
  • Fixed payments for life
  • Partial bypass of capital gains tax
  • Possible tax-free payments
Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)
  • Transfer your appreciated property without paying capital gains tax
  • Enjoy regular income for life or a term of years
  • Receive the benefit of tax savings from a charitable deduction
  • Transfer your appreciated property without paying capital gains tax
  • Enjoy regular income for life or a term of years
  • Receive the benefit of tax savings from a charitable deduction
  • Charitable tax deduction
  • Income for a term of years or life
  • Possible income growth over time
  • Avoidance of capital gains tax
Charitable Lead Trust (CLT)
  • Give cash or property to your family in the future
  • Avoid substantial gift or estate tax
  • You transfer your cash or property to fund a lead trust that makes a gift to Radford University for a number of years. You receive a charitable deduction for the gift. Your family receives the remainder at substantial tax savings.
  • Gift or estate tax deduction
  • Asset and appreciation passes to your family at a reduced cost
Life Estate Reserved
  • Remain in your home for life
  • Receive a charitable income tax deduction
  • You give your property to Radford University but retain the right to use the property during your life.
  •  Charitable tax deduction
  • Lifetime use of property
Bargain Sale
  • Transfer your property and receive cash or debt relief without paying substantial taxes
  • Radford University purchases your property for less than fair market value. You receive the cash and a charitable deduction for the difference between the market value and purchase price.
  • Cash from sale
  • Charitable tax deduction
  • Partial bypass of capital gains tax


Endowed and Annual Scholarships

Establishing an endowment or an annual scholarship is an act of generosity that allows Radford University to attract and retain the very best students, regardless of financial need. More than 60 percent of our students receive some form of financial aid, and scholarship support is an essential part of this assistance. Scholarships can be based upon financial need and/or merit. You may establish an endowment or an annual scholarship to honor a loved one or memorialize an important person in your life. Regardless of the type of scholarship you decide best meets your goals, a member of the Advancement team will work with you to write a Gift Agreement that ensures your scholarship is awarded according to your wishes while meeting the needs of our students.

For more information about creating an endowment, contact the Office of University Advancement at 540-831-5407, or download the Endowed and Annual Scholarship Guide.

Outright Gifts

Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference in the lives of Radford University students.

Matching Gifts

Did you know your gift to Radford University can be doubled, even tripled, through employer matching gift programs? Don’t miss this chance to increase the impact you can make with an employer matched gift. To find out if your company matches gifts and how to request a match, please visit the matching gifts page or stop by your personnel office.  

If you have questions about matching gifts, please contact Tania Rorrer at tlrorrer2@radford.edu or 540-831-5109.

Planned Giving

Planned gifts, such as bequests or charitable trusts, can be an advantageous way to provide for a future gift to make a difference for students and programs at Radford University. You can take care of yourself and take care of Radford.


Planned giving involves providing for a future gift to Radford University through your financial and estate plans. Our University welcomes gifts made through different planned giving arrangements. These arrangements can:

-  Provide for you or your loved ones
-  Entitle you to charitable income and/or gift or estate tax deductions
-  Enable you to leave a legacy for Radford University

You can explore different types of planned gifts and different assets to give.

IRA Rollovers

A charitable IRA rollover makes it easier to use IRA assets, during your lifetime, to make charitable gifts, including annual pledges.


Radford University’s crowdfunding platform was created to help Highlanders raise money to bring ideas to life and help existing programs grow and flourish. This platform functions because we Highlanders do our part to help these projects reach their goals. This is truly the collective power of giving at work!

All donations go directly to the student group and program accounts managed by the Radford University Foundation. No fees are removed from the donation amount.

Learn more about our crowdfunding initiatives.

Radford University Telephone Outreach Program

We are the student-led voice of the Radford Fund!

We are committed to cultivating meaningful relationships with our Highlander family, including alumni, parents and friends of the University. We work to enhance the partnership between our Highlander family and Radford University in support of the University, its programs and its students through the Radford Fund. The Radford Fund provides vital, current-use dollars that make a difference today for the futures and lives of our students and solidifies the timeless significance of our institution.