Radford University strives to provide a tight-knit community, supporting open collaboration and experimentation among students and faculty. We learn a lot by doing, and our faculty encourage students to think broadly and apply themselves both in class and on their own.

Dr. Jeff Pittges

Dr. Jeff Pittges

DAIM Graduate Coordinator and Director, Applied Research Center
Dr. Pittges has more than 25 years of experience with data warehousing and business intelligence, including 20 years as a software developer, software architect and business executive at Oracle, Nortel, Red Brick Systems and four Silicon Valley startups. A recipient of the College of Science and Technology Outstanding Teaching Award, Dr. Pittges has been instrumental to the IT department’s growth into a regional educational leader in data management and analytics.

Dr. Prem Uppuluri

Dr. Prem Uppuluri

Professor of Information Technology 
Dr. Uppuluri is a recipient of the RU College of Science and Technology Outstanding Teaching Award and the Artis Award for Outstanding Scholarship and Service. Dr. Uppuluri led the development of RU’s NSA-certified undergraduate computer security certificate. He currently leads a team of faculty who are stimulating awareness, interest and passion among prospective high school students in cyber-security, with funding from the NSA. Uppuluri is also primary investigator on a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant for a scholarship, retention and career development program called “RU-NextGen: Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders in Science, Technology and Mathematics.” 

Dr. Robert Phillips

Dr. Hwajung Lee

Professor and Director of Computer Science Program 
Dr. Lee launched the Network and Security Research Lab (NSRL) at Radford University in 2004. Through her commitment to research she has provided external forces to change the direction of student’s lives and careers by including undergraduate and graduate students in her research. In 2014, Dr. Lee established the Cisco Networking Academy at Radford University and she continues to lead the academy. Before joining Radford University, Dr. Lee was a Systems Analyst and later as a Financial Officer for the World Bank Group in Washington, DC.

Dr. Caleb Bradberry

Associate Professor of Information Systems

Dr. Nathaniel Lahn

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Dr. Lahn joined Radford University in 2020, shortly after receiving his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Applications from Virginia Tech. His primary area of expertise is data structure and algorithm design and analysis. He has published multiple high tier theoretical computer science conference papers, with a specific focus on algorithms in graph theory. Outside of his research and teaching, Dr. Lahn enjoys learning new programming languages and coaching Radford’s ACM / ICPC competitive coding teams.