Data Engineering Outcomes

DAIM leads to:



Tracey Dudding
Title: Data Science Engineer Biostatistician
Company: Carilion Clinic
Tenure: Since May 2022

DAIM Enables Student to Contribute Quickly
In this video, Tracey talks about her experience with Data Engineering in the DAIM program at Radford University and how her graduate studies are helping her excel at Carilion Clinic.


Work/Life Balance

Hari Talari
Title: Data Engineer
Company: Lifeplus
Tenure: Since September 2022

DAIM Leads to Professional Freedom
Hari Talari leveraged the skills he developed in Radford’s Data and Information Management (DAIM) Master’s program to demand an amazing work/life balance and financial freedom.
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Amanda Tolman
Title: Database Developer
Company: Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
Tenure: Since August 2022

Navigating Challenges on the Road to Data Discoveries
Amanda Tolman does not shy away from challenging herself. She stepped out of her comfort zone to serve as the primary Database Administrator (DBA) for the SQL Server database at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI).
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Steve Oake
Title: Senior Data Systems Engineer
Company: Carillion Clinic
Tenure: Since March 2022

Leading the Healthcare Analytics Frontier
When Carilion Clinic recognized the need for one person to lead and manage all analytical systems, they chose Steve Oake. The combination of extensive experience with data analytics and a broad administrative skillset across systems and databases, uniquely qualified Steve to unify Carilion’s analytical systems. Consolidating multiple systems and data teams under Steve’s leadership will enable Carilion to deliver better patient outcomes and advance the organization.
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