DAIM Accelerated Program

The accelerated program offers students the opportunity to obtain a master's degree in just one year after graduating with their bachelor's, providing them with a substantial advantage in terms of both time and finances.

Furthermore, one of the key benefits of this program is that students are not required to take master's level classes until they actively choose to do so. This flexibility empowers students to achieve their educational aspirations efficiently while maintaining the freedom to shape their own learning experiences.

Undergraduate students may complete up to 12 hours of graduate course work and apply the graduate credit hours to their undergraduate degree.

When a student in the accelerated program completes their undergraduate degree the student must apply to the Master's program to continue in the program. 


Who is eligible for the accelerated program?

Undergraduate students enrolled in the School of Computing and Information Sciences at Radford University may apply for the accelerated program at the end of their sophomore year once they have completed 56 credit hours.

Transfer students may apply once they complete 24 credit hours at Radford University. 

Contact DAIM Graduate Corrdinator, Dr. Jeff Pittges, jpittges@radford.edu 

Application for Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Programs

Is financial aid available?

Yes, for those who qualify. For information related to tuition and financial aid, refer to the Financial Aid Office

How much time should I expect to spend on coursework?

Each course meets for 3 hours each week and students are expected to spend nine hours outside of class (12 hours per class). Students working on capstone projects are expected to spend a minimum of twenty hours per week working on their project.