Procedure for Placing Items on Surplus

  1. Surplus property Form, PU19 is availabe online - for items that are to be turned in as surplus property.
  2. Complete all lines of the PU19 form for each item or small group of like items. For example, a set of six stacking chairs may be on one form, but two computers must be on separate forms.
  3. Each form is to be approved by the Dean/Director. This is to ensure that the property is surplus to the entire department. Press "Submit" when you are finished and the form will be submitted to the Surplus department.
  4. Surplus items will be retained by the department until Surplus arranges to have the property picked up. Items should be picked up within 2 to 3 weeks of receipt of form. Larger items or large quantities of items will take longer to pick up. Surplus property WILL NOT BE PICKED UP until the PU19 form is completed and forwarded to the Surplus department. Please keep a record of items that your department sends to surplus for auditing purposes.
  5. Items that are declared surplus may be viewed by other departments on campus. Departments desiring to view surplus property may do so by making an appointment with Warehouse Services. Items in surplus may be transferred to other departments at any time. Transfer of items is usually at no cost.
  6. Surplus items are sold on GovDeals, an auction site for government agencies.  
  7. Any questions about surplus property may be addressed to the Surplus and Moving Manager at 831-6477.

NOTE: Radford University departments are reminded that it is their responsibility to remove all working files before turning computers in for surplus.