JV Posting Schedule

General Accounting strives to post accurate and timely information.  Please see the following schedule that provides an overview of when routine charges will be posted to your organization code.  Non-routine journal entries requested by the departments are anticipated to be posted within 3 days of receipt.  Please note that dates may change for fiscal year-end processing.  All questions may be directed to genacctg@radford.edu

The General Accounting Journal Voucher form (JV) should be used to request an accounting entry to be processed to record financial transactions in Banner.  All journal entries submitted should include adequate supporting documentation to aid in the review and posting of the entry.  A JV may be used for one of the following reasons:

  • To correct a revenue or expense transaction.
  • To process invoices not handled by Accounts Payable.

Budget Transfers should be made in Self-Service Banner using the Budget Transfer form.  Please contact the Office of Budget and Financial Planning for any questions concerning budget transfers.


Description of Charge

Anticipated Posting DateApplicable Time PeriodNaming Convention*FY Includes Thru**
Auxiliary Administrative Overhead20th of the MonthFull Prior MonthAUX OVERHEAD MONTH YEARMay
Enterprise Car RentalWeeklyWeeklyENTERPRISE CR CHRGS MONTH YEARMay
Enterprise Gas Charges20th of the MonthFull Prior MonthENTERPRISE GAS CHRGS MONTH YEARMay
Facilities and Administrative- Indirect Cost on Grants30th of Every other MonthFor the Full Prior 2 MonthsSPGM F&A MONTH MONTH YEARMay
Facility Work Orders20th of the MonthFull Prior MonthFACILITIES CHRGS MONTH YEARJune 15th
Fleet Charges20th of the MonthFull Prior MonthFLEET CHRGS MONTH YEAR May
Gasoline Charges20th of the MonthFull Prior MonthGAS CHRGS MONTH YEARMay
Postage Charges5th of the MonthFull Prior MonthPOSTAGE CHRGS MONTH YEARJune 15th
Printing Charges5th of the Month Full Prior MonthPRINT MTH - DESCRIPTIONJune 15th
Project Manager Recoveries30th of the MonthFull Prior MonthPM CHRGS MONTH YEARMay
ONE Card Charges15th & 30th of the Month16th - end of Month / 1st - 15th of MonthONE Card MONTH 16-30, YEARJune 15th
Air Travel Card 30th of the Month Mid-Month to Mid-Month AIR TRAVEL MONTH YEAR May 15th 
Telephone Charges20th of the MonthFull Prior MonthPHONE CHRGS MONTH YEAR May
UPS ChargesWeekly3 Weeks PriorUPS CHRGS MONTH DAY YEARMay
Utility Charges to Auxiliaries30th of the Month Full Prior MonthUTILITY CHRGS MONTH YEARMay
VBS Copier Charges20th of the MonthFull Prior MonthVBS COPIER CHRGS MONTH YEARMay
Virginia Retirement System Charges20th of the MonthFor 2 Months PriorVRS RECON – DESCRIPTION MONTH YEARMay

*All months are abbreviated for the first 3 letters of the applicable month

**Please note that dates may change for fiscal year-end processing