Suggestions for Studying Math

How to Study Math

  1. Keep up - review notes after class.
  2. Take good notes - put everything from the board on paper.
  3. Read the text - if you don't understand, get help.
  4. Get a study friend.
  5. Have a set time and place to get math homework done. Treat it as a scheduled class. The library or HKC are good places to do homework.

How to Study for Math Exams

  1. Starting on day one - do homework.
  2. Memorize formulas - use flashcards.
  3. Rework problems that you missed on the homework.

Math is Problem Solving

  1. Read the full question.
  2. Analyze and compute.
  3. Given/Find/Need - what's given, what do I need to find, and what do I need to do?
  4. Draw pictures - this can simplify the problem.
  5. Use a calculator - do calculations twice.
  6. Check your results - do the problem again another way.