Securing Your Devices

Defend Against Malware/Viruses

  • Install anti-virus software and keep it updated
  • Make sure anti-virus scans are performed on a regular basis
  • Set daily or weekly scans to automatically run
  • Ensure your computer’s firewall is turned on
  • Install all security updates for your operating system as soon as possible
  • It is best to allow updates to automatically install when available
  • Update commonly exploited third-party software such as Adobe Reader, Java, and Flash Player. These three software packages are the most exploited!

Protect Your Data

  • Perform regular backups of important data to your H: drive or OneDrive.
  • If you access your email, or other accounts on a mobile device, use a pin, password or other security (fingerprint, etc.) to secure your device.


If you have questions, please contact the Information Security Officers at