eVA Next

What is eVA Next?

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As a state agency, Radford University is required to use eVA for most all purchases. That means that we are required to adapt to the new platform. While DGS is handling the broad implementation, it is up to us to ensure that campus users will be able to adopt the system and have it meet our business needs. This has involved many departments beyond Procurement to which we are very grateful for their contributions.

Recurring Trainings Available!

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Get Trained on eVA Next! 
We are now offering regularly scheduled Full & Refresher training sessions on eVA Next! Please reach out to our office for more information!

Transition Resources

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Transition SharePoint

This SharePoint Site houses more dynamic tools & updates related to this transition! Users are given access after their training sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will we still be able to use our single sign on (SSO) function?

Yes, the current sign-in process will remain the same.

Will I be able to copy previous orders done in the old system?

At this time we are being told that you will not be able to copy previous orders.  This may change as we get into the new system so you should have copies of old orders to create in the new system if that is a functionality you rely on.

Do we still have to use eVA?

Yes, Campus is still required to use the new eVA as it will be our official e-procurement platform.

Do vendors have to be registered in eVA for us to use them?

Effective October 15th, we will no longer be able to enter Ad-Hoc vendors.  All vendors must be either self-registered (preferred) of state-entered.  Please be sure you are using the eVA registered address for a vendor and not entering a new address as an ad-hoc vendor.  You also need to encourage your vendor to become eVA registered or choose vendors that are registered in eVA.