January 2023 Newsletter


The fall semester was.... full!! It was exciting to engage your students in campus events like Welcome Weeks, Radford Gives Back, Fall Club Fair, many athletic events, Family Weekend, and lots more.  But spring semester is always even more packed with fantastic opportunities. We jokingly say that spring semester is twice as fast at fall. Your Highlander will have to find some balance between the myriad commitments and "extras" to be involved in. 

The spring semester began with an incredible campus program, MLK Day of Service. While it was technically a University holiday, at Radford University MLK Day is "A Day On, Not a Day Off." Highlanders spent time working with community partners from Giles to Roanoke and many places in between! Understanding community needs and stepping up to meet those needs is a value that enhances all towns and cities, near and far.

The semester will also be packed with programming, some from academic areas, some from administrative areas, and others from student organizations. Our athletics teams are thriving and present a great way to display that Highlander Pride! But one of the premier highlights of every spring is Traditions Week.  The 2023 celebrations will take place April 3rd to the 8th. Each day of Traditions Week offers a unique event for each class of students. First Year Field Day is as much fun as it sounds! Halfway There invites sophomores to participate in marking the midpoint of their Radford experience. Junior Twilight is a lovely garden party as we prepare juniors for their "last lap." Senior Block Party is a massive celebration with photos, balloon animals, cap decorating, and more.  And Traditions Weeks ends with a free campus concert in the Dedmon Center!

So, no matter what your Highlander is interested in, spring 2023 will provide an opportunity to get involved! I hope you'll encourage them to stay connected and get out of their room - there's much to be a part of. And if we can help, never hesitate to reach out.

With Highlander Pride,

Tricia Smith, Associate Vice President for Student Life

Student Spotlight: Brion Schwery

Brion (lower right) with classmates at an end-of-semester gathering

My name is Brion Schwery, and I am a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the English program at Radford. I am originally from South Carolina, and moved to Virginia in 2016 for college. I transferred to Radford University in 2018 to complete a bachelor’s degree in English. When I initially came to this college, I was deeply lonely and isolated. I had come here with the advice and help of family, but it wouldn’t be for several weeks that I would find reasons to stay. That would come when I began talking to my classmates more, and I wound up meeting some of the best friends I could have ever asked for.

That connection has been at the heart of why I find Radford to be such an enjoyable place. The relationships I formed with the other students here has been the reason I worked as hard as I did as an undergrad, and was a large part of why I wanted to come back for graduate school. It was my friends that led me to taking positions of leadership in clubs, joining campus events, and engaging with new classes. The experiences I had during these times were the foundation of why I wanted to come back for my master’s degree.

I would also like to give a special thanks to my aunt, Tricia Smith, who was the one who recommended Radford University to me, and has been a constant help in keeping my college career active and successful.

Important Dates

Find events to engage your Highlander at https://calendar.radford.edu/

Friday, January 20th

Winter Club Fair

2:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Student Recreation and Wellness Center

Monday, January 23rdLast day for UNDERGRADS to add or drop classesOneCampus and search "Add or drop a class"
Thursday, January 26th

7:00 p.m.

Watch the Radford University Men's Basketball team take on in-state rival Longwood University.

Tuesday, January 31stLast Day for GRADUATE students to apply for May 2023 graduation.OneCampus and search "Apply for Graduation"
Wednesday, February 1stPriority FAFSA deadline fro 2023-2024 school yearFinancial Aid Office
Tuesday, February 5thRadford University's Foundation scholarship application closes.

The application will close on Sunday, February 5, 2023. Now is the time to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to be considered for multiple scholarships by our generous donors! Approximately $3 million in scholarships will be awarded from nearly 500 scholarships for the 2023-24 academic year!
March 4th - 12thSpring BreakClasses Not In Session
Foundation Scholarship Poster Nov 2022

Helping Students Find Authentic Voice in Writing

Radford University integrates writing in many program curriculums and helps students find their authentic voices, which means not only developing correct writing techniques but recognizing the nuances of language. Authentic voice essentially means developing a style that reflects the author’s preferences. Rolling Stone magazine’s famous article about Hunter S. Thompson, journalist, said of him, “He lived and wrote on the edge in a style that would come to be called Gonzo journalism. That term captured his lifestyle, but it didn’t really do justice to Thompson’s command of language, his fearless reporting or his fearsome intellect” (Doyle, 2019, para. 1). Style shouldn’t conflict with structure. Both need to be flawless. The assistance that students find can be through the Harvey Center for Learning and Writing, within their courses, or at the HSC-Roanoke with the Writing Specialist. However, that support may be misunderstood. Students may think that if they reach out to get help with a paper, it gets edited, and then a polished-up paper is returned. But that is not the case. The University strives to help develop the students to the point of being independent writers and self-editors.

If one empowers students to evaluate their own writing process, a self-edit naturally takes place. Through this, students not only find their authentic voices but also gain a skill that will help them in the workforce when collaborating with their peers. Writing takes place in every venue. In the healthcare field it may entail writing patient notes, creating a presentation, or writing a professional research paper. In business, client memos, grants, reports are a necessity. In the languages there are translations, interpretations, and critiques that require strong writing skills. No matter the type of writing, a composer must approach the task with confidence developed from the study of composition in all its forms – technical as well as creative. An old newspaper reporter once said, “There is no sentence that cannot be rewritten better.” That may be hyperbole, but a careful eye to not just correct structure but the flow and music of writing should be developed. In guiding writing at the University, the aim is to make a lasting impression that will go with students far beyond their college years as they make an impact on the world around them. 

Military Makeover

The Radford University Military Resource center was featured on "MIlitary Makeover" with Montel Williams.  Read the full press release and enjoy watching the segment! Radford University is proud to serve those who have served!