Research Integrity Office

About the Research Integrity Office

The Radford University code of ethics includes honesty and integrity. As a community, we expect one another to uphold these same standards when conducting research.  To assist faculty and students in upholding these standards, we offer training on guidelines and best practices in the responsible conduct of research.  

The Office of Research Integrity is responsible for responding to and assessing allegations of plagiarism, fabrication, and/or falsification of data to determine if they fall within the definition of research misconduct and if the allegation is sufficiently credible and specific to warrant an investigation. The Radford University Institutional Policies and Procedures for Responding to Research Misconduct can be found here.

The Research Integrity Officer (RIO) reviews allegations of research misconduct and oversees any subsequent inquiries and investigations, including appointing expert members to inquiry and investigation committees. 

Research Misconduct

Research misconduct is defined as a fabrication. Falsification, plagiarism, or other practices that seriously deviate from those that are commonly accepted within the scientific community. Misconduct does not include honest errors or differences in interpretations of data. All allegations of research misconduct will be investigated, and maximum possible confidentiality will be maintained.

All members of the Radford University community are required to report any suspected research misconduct to the Research Integrity Officer either directly or through the Dean of their College. 

If an individual is concerned about possible research misconduct or is unsure whether an incident qualifies as research misconduct, he/she/they may contact the Research Integrity Officer to discuss the suspected misconduct informally and confidentially or utilize the Research Misconduct Written Allegation Form. 

For more information, contact: 

Dr. Jeanne Mekolichick, Research Integrity Officer, Institutional Official, and Associate Provost for Research, Faculty Success, and Strategic Initiatives